By Laura | 15th March 2019

Inspired by: Nicky Haslam

We wonder how many Eton educated men with a grandmother who was Queen Victoria’s goddaughter went on to become interior designers like Nicky Haslam... but it can’t be many! However, one thing we’re absolutely sure of is that we’re glad that he chose this path because his influence on the design scene over the past 40 years is undeniable.

Despite his early career being largely taken up by horse breeding and photography, Nicky always had a keen eye for interior design, and in 1972 he was asked to design a house for Alexander Hesketh – an undertaking that led to the eventual opening of his design firm NH Design.

The Nicky Halsam style

As a writer, socialite, singer and occasional cabaret act, it’s any wonder how Nicky Haslam has time to design interiors, but that’s still his first love. Moving in the highest of social circles and with such a grand background, it’s no surprise that his designs are lavish, luxurious and distinguished, but his innate sense of humour sprinkles them with a charm and lightness that breaks through the stuffiness of some grand designers’ work.

His overriding aim is to create a space that’s ‘flattering to his clients’, which displays an insight into his sensitivity… despite his reputation as a bit of a snob!

Learning from Nicky

We understand that very few of you have access to the same kind of budgets that Nicky’s clients give him, but that’s okay – we can’t all be rock and pop icons or socialites! There’s still plenty to pick up from his design philosophy for people on more modest budgets. For example, it’s clear from studying his work that Nicky’s far from a minimalist, which fits in with his character, and likes to fill his rooms with books, tables full of ornaments, pictures, and other interesting things for a visitor to browse through.

He wants to create spaces that feel both luxurious and homely, which is why personal items adorn most surfaces – think of it as creating a space that ‘wows!’ your visitors and then makes them feel comfortable once they settle in, and you’re almost there.

We love Nicky Haslam and his approach to life and interior design and hope that you feel inspired to explore his work further and add a little bit of luxury and fun to your decorating projects.

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