By Laura | 01st November 2017

Instax: A Polaroid revival

If you've been around cameras as long as some of us, you'll remember the instant gratification of an old Polaroid – an idea that Fujifilm's Instax brings bang up to date! In our selfie obsessed age, a camera that allows you to take a shot of you and your friends and hand the print out straight over is too good to miss, so let's take a look at them and see what all the fuss is about…

Instax style

As with every camera Fujifilm makes, the Instax range is user-friendly and looks great too. Don't expect the retro styling that we see in Fuji's CSC cameras, though; instead, we find a range of quirky and modern point and shoot cameras that use clever design ideas to make the instant film camera a pocketable affair – unlike the original bulky Polaroids.

The Instax range

The range features five cameras, so there's one for every user and every occasion. Let's take a quick look:

  • Mini 9 - At just £30, the Mini 9 is the perfect pocket selfie camera for a night out. In a range of bright colours and equipped with a selfie mirror, it's a mini bundle of fun.
  • Mini 70 - £95 gets you a snazzy little number packed with fun features and the usual Fujifilm usability. Would you like a macro, landscape and high-key mode? How about a self-timer so you can get your gang together for a snap? The Mini 70 has it all.
  • Mini 90 - Probably the most stylish camera in the range, the Mini 90 is also a camera for the more dedicated photographer. At around £120, the extra cash gets you a double exposure mode and a bulb feature so you can shoot long exposure images at night.
  • Square 10 - The super cool 1:1 aspect ratio, made famous by Instagram, is the primary reason for choosing the Square 10, but its stunning design, 10 filters, and vignette control make it a great camera too.
  • Wide 300 - When there's a big group of you, or you want to try your hand at instant landscape photography, you have to have a Wide 300 in your hand. Its 62mm x 99mm image size is the largest on offer!





Instax film

We can't leave without saying a few words about the film Instax cameras use. As always, Fujifilm has knocked the ball out of the park with a range of instant films that ooze the famous Fujifilm colours. At around £8.99 for 10 exposures, they're relatively affordable too.


When you fancy some instant fun and don't want to carry an expensive camera around, an Instax is perfect for you – but of course we're always here if you want to print something more permanent to canvas!

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