By Laura | 25th October 2018

Interior design made easy – our tips

Regular readers of our blog will know that we’re big fans of learning how to decorate your home from the experts, but sometimes you just want interior design made easy! 

Yes, it’s fun to pick up tips from the grandest and most lavish interior designers, but in this simple guide we’ll show you some of our top tips on sprucing up your home the easy way.

Simple interior design ideas

The following are our favourite ways to decorate a room so that you can make simple but dramatic changes with the least effort:  

  • Consider painting your room light grey because it’s the most neutral colour and allows you to switch things up with a single coloured accent wall, soft and hard furnishings or even coloured lights.
  • Paint the woodwork either a slightly different shade to your main palette colour or go for a really strong accent colour.
  • Paint the floor and ceiling the same colour, but remember that dark colours will give the illusion that the ceiling is lower than it is in reality.
  • Use bold oranges or reds to paint the back of shelves and glass cupboards and match with soft furnishings and curtains for a simple but dramatic look.
  • Use big and bold canvas prints to add interest to any room in the house – either traditional landscapes or abstracts work well.
  • Interior design made easy is all about having fun and not getting bogged down in rules, so try to enjoy the process – even if you make mistakes along the way! Have fun experimenting!
  • Make your hallways inviting for visitors with lots of white and plenty of light, but make sure they remain uncluttered so nobody falls over your junk!
  • If you can’t afford a new sofa and chairs you can switch things up with throws and blankets. Sew velcro onto the back of the sofa and throws to keep them in place with zero effort.
  • Don’t forget about the bathroom! A blue floor in an otherwise white room can totally transform a relatively boring space into something magical.
  • Ditch the TV or find a way to hide it – a living room feels so much more homely if you don’t have to arrange the furniture around a massive screen.
  • By all means buy ornaments and curiosities, but think about where they’ll fit before choosing them, rather than buying on a whim and then trying to find a place for them. If you fill your house with odd items it’ll only look untidy.  

So that’s interior design made easy in a nutshell – we hope our tips help to demystify the process of redecorating your space, and gives you the courage to go for it and have fun!

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