By Laura | 28th November 2019

Is a large canvas print right for your room?

Interior design is about balancing the décor with your soft furnishings, ornaments and wall art, which is why deciding whether a large canvas print is right for your space can be a tricky challenge! Canvas prints are a brilliant way to change the mood of your living areas, but when it comes down to it size really does matter!

Follow our top tips on sizing and you’ll get it right every single time... and impress your family and friends with your interior design skills!

Canvas print size matters, but so does design!

Yes, it is important to choose a canvas print that fits your space without upsetting the balance of your room, but size isn’t the only consideration. For example, if you have a room that’s already quite busy because you’ve made bold decorating choices, a huge canvas in strong colours could be overkill.

We’re not saying that you can’t choose a large canvas print, but instead of picking a detail and colour heavy scene, consider a minimalist abstract piece or snow scene. This is a great way to use a large item of wall art to tone down and balance your living space.

On the other hand, if your interior design motif is already quite stark and low-key, you have different options. You could complement your minimalism with a large canvas that blends in and adds a tiny touch of colour without screaming “look at me!” or you could be bolder and make it the statement piece in the room.

Where do you hang a large canvas?

There are two areas in a living space where a large canvas is traditionally placed: above the sofa and above the fireplace. If you hang one above the sofa it’s less obtrusive and adds colour and height to that wall, but if you want to enjoy it while you relax, then place it above the mantelpiece.

Of course there are no hard and fast rules here. If you want to hang one in the dining area as a conversation piece for dinner parties then go for it, or you might fancy putting one on the ceiling for a real conversation starter!

It’s all about balance, and as long as you pick the right kind of image you’ll be surprised at how large you can go with a canvas print... but don’t pick a five-foot square self-portrait for the bathroom, it could make for uncomfortable toilet visits for friends and family!

So, yes, a large canvas print can work fantastically as part of your interior design project, as long as you remember to match it well with the aesthetic you’re creating – balance is everything.

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