By Mike | 12th June 2013

Let your holiday live on with canvas photos

It's that time of year where thoughts are turning to summer holidays and sunshine - but no sooner than you set off for sunnier climes, you're back at home and wishing the fun hadn't passed so quickly. Well, we can't promise another holiday, but we can certainly offer a way to keep the memories alive and spread a little ray of sun into your home...

We all take photos on holiday, and the digital age has allowed us to be more 'snap happy', with modern cameras giving us the facility to store hundreds or even thousands of images from our travels. This gives us the opportunity to create a pictorial travelogue; simply select your favourite holiday photos and have them printed onto canvas!

Because of the tactile nature of canvas, it's a fantastic medium for landscapes. Pictures of the sea, sand or even rolling fields translate perfectly on this material, giving an almost 3D illusion that really lifts the images and evokes the natural surroundings of your photos.

Ocean canvas print in contemporary living room

Recognise opportunities or create some of your own

For your canvas holiday photos, it's worth having in idea in mind of what element of your holiday you want to represent on your walls. While taking your photos, think about framing and perspectives - a castle keep can look visually stunning when taken close up from below, or a shot of a harbour or city from the viewpoint of a boat trip can offer an image that a professional photographer would be proud of. Consider light too, as well as colours - vivid greens, deep blues and vibrant yellows will take you back to those beautiful places when you're feeling a bit fed up after your trip.

You could even involve the kids - let them take some pictures or encourage them to build a sandcastle, or create a 'sculpture' out of seashells for you to do your David Bailey impression with. Of course you can also take pictures of them splashing around in the surf or exploring rock pools; try focusing on a natural landmark with the children slightly out of focus in the background, giving you a personal image while still getting the full beauty and benefit of your temporary environment.

Sightseeing and sunset strolls also provide plenty of 'picture perfect' moments, so keep your camera to hand at all times! Then when you get home, you can go through the pictures as a family and pick out your favourites for display. Perhaps you can each choose one for printing onto canvas, giving you all a happy memory from your special time together to show off at in your hallway, dining room or lounge.

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