By Laura | 09th January 2019

Personalised gifts for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to choosing special gifts for Valentine’s Day, we often recommend a bespoke canvas print, but this year you could branch out a little…

We’ve got some exciting new gift ideas to share with you, and we’re sure that any of these would make the perfect gift for your loved one this February 14th!

Valentine’s gifts

Foil prints – a canvas print with a beautiful love poem or famous quote (plus a personalised message) has always been one of our favourite and most popular canvas print ideas for the most romantic day of the year, but we’ve upped our game and now offer something extra special – foil prints in handmade frames! These stunning pieces can be foil-written in a number of fonts, colours and frame colours, and make a lovely, shiny gift of love.

Personalised word art – we often recommend word art for canvas prints, but we recognise that many of you simply don’t have the Photoshop skills to pull it off, so now we’ve decided to do it for you! Pick from our huge selection of background themes, choose up to 36 different words that mean ‘love’ to you, and add up to nine icons or shapes to add interest. After that, we’ll do all the hard work and make it look fabulous!

Star map framed print – we love these prints! There’s nothing more romantic than a moonlit walk with the one you love – arm in arm, strolling along looking up at the night sky! Well, we’ve just started to offer a way to commemorate special occasions that recognises this fact – our personalised star map framed prints. Pick a date and location – perhaps the day you met or your first date – add a personal message, send the details to us, and we’ll do the rest. In a few days, you’ll have a framed star map of the constellations of the night sky as one of the most romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day you could imagine!

We’re sure that the special person in your life would be incredibly happy to receive any of these fantastic bespoke presents this year, so don’t be afraid to try something a little different to flowers and chocolates. Personalised gifts for Valentine’s Day show that you’re willing to go the extra mile to be an old-fashioned romantic, so pick one and go for it!

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