By Mike | 30th September 2013

Play with props for your canvas print photography

We've talked in previous articles about taking photographs specifically for printing onto canvas, giving you the chance to capture the right shot to decorate your walls. We've also looked at taking photos of people and pets - so here's a list of props you could use to add another angle of interest to these photos and your finished canvas print.

 baby in basketBaskets - woven or wicker baskets of various sizes can be great for baby and pet photos. It gives the image a definite focus, while also giving you somewhere to place your subject and keep them contained while you take some snaps. Of course this will depend on how active your baby/kitten/puppy is!







cute puppy in tea cup

China - no, not the country! Place a tiny kitten, gerbil or bunny in a beautiful pot, teacup or bowl for an instantly cute photo.










dog wide mouth with 3 red balls

Balls - these are great for both human and animal subjects, and with so much choice in terms of colours and sizes, you can match this prop to the subject, clothes, collar, the decor of the room where you'll be hanging your print, or simply choose a bright ball to add some colour or an accent to a plain or predominately black and white print. For example, a black kitten with a bright red ball, or a baby with a coloured headband holding a ball of the same shade.







Furs - pieces of furry or fluffy fabric or rugs make a great base for a cute picture. You can bundle your baby in it, sit them (or a pet) on top or use it to line a basket.

cute kitten curled up in a red boot

Boots - a cute little kitten sat in a hobnail boot? Yes please! Not a huge amount of scope for diversity, but the right sized boot and an adorable kitty could make a winning photograph.









Flowers - babies holding colourful flowers or even a young animal sat next to a huge, statement flower, such as a sunflower, can offer up some great images.

dog in watering can

Watering cans - another great photo opportunity for a puppy or a kitten; make sure it's the traditional, metal variety though, as a cheap plastic version won't look so great!










Feathers or petals - anything small and pretty that you can scatter around the shoot area can add a little extra interest to your photo. You can also try throwing light objects like this in the air to attract your subject's attention and then crop your photo to show them looking up at one falling feather or petal.


Hats - most people have the urge to try a hat on when they see one and babies and toddlers are no different. You might struggle to convince your dog or cat of the appeal, but you can turn a hat upside down and use it to place your baby pet in for the picture.


Bubbles - bubbles will keep babies and pets entertained for ages, plus they also reflect light in a particularly pretty rainbow of colour if you get the shot and lighting right.


The beauty of taking your own photos for printing onto canvas is that you can let your imagination run riot! You can take your time and experiment with different photography props and then filter through the results to find the best images for your canvas. The main thing to remember is to let your subject guide you as to what they are happy or less happy with and to make sure you both have fun!

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