By Mike | 30th October 2009

Put your wedding photos on canvas

Most newlyweds want to display their wedding pictures in their homes and give them away as gifts to family members. A truly modern way to display your wedding photos is to have them printed onto a canvas.

Canvas prints are becoming increasingly popular among newly married couples as displaying them this way is a real talking point for your friends and family.

The traditional wedding album is lovely, but it is often hidden away out of sight only to be brought out when people visit. Isn’t it better to have your best pictures hung on your wall as a celebration of your happy wedding? There is no better way to turn your wedding pictures into unique pieces of decorative art than to have them printed onto canvas.

Canvas printing flatters every feature of your pictures, producing truly stunning results. A piece of canvas wall art is a wonderful long-term reminder of your fabulous day.

To achieve impressive results, simply upload your files to the canvas printing firm who will print your images using a high spec digital printer, in high resolution, onto the best quality canvas. Reproducing your wedding pictures this way is cheaper than having them developed by a professional photographic studio, with far superior results.

If you're getting married, consider printing your best wedding photos onto canvas. After all, you're no doubt paying a fortune for a professional photographer to capture your big day so you'll want to make sure you do something special with the results.

Having your wedding photos developed at a professional photography studio can often cost hundreds of pounds. Canvas printing is not only a more visually pleasing option; it's also cheaper.

In order to print your wedding photos onto canvas, all you need to do is send the digital files to the canvas printing company. The company will then use a special digital printer to print perfect quality reproductions of your images to canvas rather than photo paper. A good canvas printing company will use the same quality canvas as the canvas used by professional artists.

Canvas printing is growing more popular amongst newlywed couples. This is partly because the images look so striking, but it's also because of the durable nature of canvas. Unlike photo paper which tends to suffer wear and tear quite easily, canvas prints don't start to fade for about a century.

Your print will be incredibly durable and, like your marriage, will last you a lifetime.

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