By Mike | 03rd April 2014

Step into spring with a new look in your home

For many people, spring inspires a deep-seated need to have a good clear out and spruce things up a bit. While for some people this means a good spring clean, where we pull out the sofa and clean the skirting boards, for others it's an opportunity to go one step further and do a little bit of redecorating.

The problem is that redecorating is time consuming, hard work and expensive - and our tastes change over the years, meaning that by the time we've worked our way all around the house, is pretty much time to start all over again!

If you're thinking about redecorating this spring, why not take a more simple approach? It’s a great idea to do away with fussy wallpaper and choose a simple palette to run through the house instead, using accessories to highlight accents of colour and add an extra layer of interest.

spring image

Now of course we may be biased, but many people are turning to canvas prints as a way of freshening up their decor and updating their home – and this works wonderfully with the neutral decor approach. If you go for the neutral option, it's much cheaper, quicker and easier to simply select new images for your canvas prints when spring comes round again or whenever you want to add a fresh touch to your interiors.

Start by selecting a light shade of plain wallpaper or paint (if your walls are in good condition) - magnolia, cream, beige or white paints with a slight hint of colour will never date and really freshen up and brighten a room. This ultimately creates a blank canvas which you can easily build on to add some warmth to your room.

Once you’ve decided on the colour accent that you want to go with, you can then start looking for a gorgeous image with that colour as the focus and get this printed onto any size canvas you wish. Then start adding some other touches, such as new curtains or drapes, cushions or rugs. By tying these accessories and items together with one colour theme, your room will suddenly stop looking so plain – turning neutral from boring to beautiful in a few simple steps.  

In a few years’ time, when you decide that it’s time for a fresh look, there'll be no need to go the whole hog and paint or re-wallpaper all over again. Simply strip back your accessories so that you're left with that original blank canvas, and choose a different colour accent to work with. Then replace your canvas prints with images to suit your newly chosen theme, select some new curtains and other soft furnishings and hey presto, a whole new look created on a budget and with hardly any effort at all!

With summer heading this way, you don’t want your whole spring to be taken up with home improvements, so this is the perfect solution to jazz up your home while leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the fruits of your labour too!

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