By Mike | 08th July 2013

Summer sun, canvas fun

As the UK finds itself in the clutches of a rare heat wave, it's the perfect time to head out with your camera and take some summery pictures for printing on canvas. A bright, seasonal image will lift your mood when winter comes around again - so bring a little sunshine into your life and keep it there with a super, summer-style canvas print on your wall.

So what kind of image will evoke that summer vibe? With many of our customers preferring more personal pictures, focus your camera's attention on your friends and family. Dig out the paddling pool and get the kids to spend the day splashing around - it'll give you some great, candid, action shots. No paddling pool readily available? How about a sprinkler or hose pipe then? Lie back with a beer or glass of wine and snap away as they play – it’s the perfect way for you all to spend a hot day and will give you some fun pictures for your canvas print.

I do like to be beside the seaside

With such an abundance of sun and some beautiful coastline across the UK, you could head out and explore with the whole family and enjoy a day together while also collecting potential shots for your canvas. Pack a picnic and use this as the setting for your photo; pitch up on a cliff top with your brightly coloured blankets with an array of fresh salad and fruit, everyone happily gathered around and the azure sky and the sea as a backdrop - lovely memories and a really scenic picture for your canvas print. You can even choose to sit your subject(s) under the shade of a well established tree - this will diffuse the harsh sunlight while still giving you a lovely, sun dappled effect that will soften faces and provide a lovely image.

For a little flair in your photos, make the most of the sun by using it for flare! The advantage of being an amateur photographer here is that with a cheaper camera (or even phone) you're much more likely to be able to get flare on your photos than if you have expensive, state-of-the-art equipment. You should NEVER look directly at the sun, but if you position your subject with the sun behind or to the side of them/it then use your hand to block out the sun while you focus, you can take a snap that will be brought to life with beautiful, beaming rays. If you do this with your children, it can create an almost angelic stylised shot - after all, what better way to portray your little angels?!

The sky’s the limit!

It's also the time of year where flowers are in full bloom, giving you the opportunity to take some stunning photos in an array of colours. Take a walk around a local beauty spot or seek out a field of wildflowers. Another great location is the river - bridges can be incredible pieces of architecture, and the sun reflected on the water can give you some professional looking shots for printing.

The summer sun is also ideal for sunrise and sunset photos, or for getting fantastic sky-scapes. Head out at dawn or dusk to your favourite local beauty spots and see what magic you can capture to adorn your walls. These red hued canvas prints add some warmth and depth to your home and will bring back memories of those special moments spent connecting with your natural surroundings.

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