By Laura | 27th March 2020

The best camera for travel photography in 2020

Exploring the world is exciting, but choosing the best camera for travel photography will make those memories last forever. The ideal travelling camera is light, compact, strong, powerful, and offers fantastic image quality – qualities that every camera on our list possess!

So let’s dive straight in and find the perfect travel camera for you before you book those tickets for your dream holiday!

Mirrorless or compact for travel photography?

When mirrorless cameras hit the market, there was a huge surge in their use for travel. They were small, beautifully formed and had better image quality than the compacts available. However, manufacturers recognised that there was a huge demand for better image quality in small cameras, and the compact market saw the introduction of 1” sensors and insanely good output.

Choosing between the two now is really a matter of space. Even the smallest mirrorless cameras require additional lenses, and while you can get away with a single lens solution for travel, the temptation to take a few lenses along will be tough to fight!

If you have room and want more range then mirrorless is for you; if you want as compact and simple a solution as possible, then you go for a compact camera. Simple!

Our favourite travel cameras

Because the best camera for travel photography depends on need, preference and budget, we’ve decided to pick our favourite in a few key categories...

Best compact travel camera – Canon Powershot G1 X MkIII

The G1 X MkIII is an amazing compact camera thanks to its APS-C sized sensor – something that’s almost impossible to do in a compact because it limits zoom range so much. Canon, however, has managed to put a 24-72mm equivalent fully retractable zoom into this beauty, which makes it the best compact available... even if will cost you around £1000!

Best mirrorless travel camera – Sony A7 III

If money is no object, the A7 III is the cream of the crop with a full-frame sensor, full weather sealing and 4K video. Add a couple of great lenses and you’ll be taking pro quality images while travelling, but don’t expect any change back from £3000 (including lenses).

Best budget travel camera – Panasonic LX100

Don’t be fooled by the older tech because the LX100 is a great travel camera for the money. Its micro four thirds sensor and 13MPs give it exceptional image quality and it comes with 4K video and load of other great features. You get all this for well under £500.

Pick one of these three and we’re sure that you’ll have the best camera for travel photography for your needs and budget – just don’t forget to turn those lovely images into canvas wall art to enjoy forever!

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