By Laura | 20th November 2018

The best photography gifts for Christmas under £100

If you have an enthusiastic amateur or even a professional photographer in the family, then your thoughts are probably starting to turn towards ideas for the best photography gifts for Christmas. But how do you choose gifts that they’ll actually use? Can you come up with something original for under £100 that won’t spend its life in the back of a drawer or the bottom of a camera bag?

Don’t worry if you’re stuck for inspiration, because we’re here to help and make sure their eyes light up when they unwrap their gift this Christmas.

Original photography gifts

In our hunt for original photography gifts for Christmas, we realised that there’s a fine line between gimmicky and usable, but we think that these hit the sweet spot nicely:

  • Lomo cameras – lomography is huge right now, but many serious photography enthusiasts will never have seen this piece of kit, let alone tried one. There’s a lot of simple pleasure to be found in a cheap film camera that costs £35, and we think a Holga 120N fits the bill perfectly!
  • iPhone camera lens kit – we were sceptical about these lens kits, but they’re surprisingly usable and produce images we’d be happy to print to canvas. Pick up one with a telephoto, macro, wide angle and fisheye for the complete experience.
  • Photography project book – Photojojo! is the perfect stocking filler for the photographer looking to break out of a rut. It contains loads of fun and slightly crazy projects to keep the creative juices flowing.

Useful photography gifts

The perfect Christmas gift is usually something the recipient doesn’t realise that they really need until they open it, and these fantastic ideas all tick that box:

  • Black Rapid camera strap – the days of struggling to support a big DSLR and telephoto lens should be long gone, and any photographer in your family who doesn’t own one of these will thank you for one. They’re supportive, easy to use and take all the strain out of carrying a big camera/lens combo.
  • Portable SSD – the perfect gift for the serious photographer who’s worried about losing vital files in the field. A portable SSD gives them a backup solution on the fly, so that they never have to worry about a corrupt card again.
  • Yongnuo YN 560 III – if the photographer in question is taking an interest in off-camera flash work, one of these cheap but surprisingly powerful manual flashguns is a perfect gift… in fact, you can get two for under £100!

As you can see, with just £100 in your pocket you can buy some pretty awesome photography gifts for Christmas this year, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box a little!

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