The Five Best Photography Blogs

11 February, 2021

The Five Best Photography Blogs

The explosion of photography as a hobby has largely been fed by the ease with which information can be found online in the form of YouTube videos and photography blogs.

As with all forms of free information, it can be difficult to sift through and find the best, but our five favourite blogs will give you everything you need to improve your photography, while still having loads of fun.

Strobist.com – the best blog for off-camera flash

If you’re learning or have an interest in learning how to use off-camera flash to add some interest to your photography, there’s only one place to begin – David Hobby’s fantastic Strobist.com website.  

As a long-time photojournalist, David began writing his blog to share his simple secrets for lighting portraits back in 2006, and it soon exploded. David’s easy style and teaching skill unravelled this subtle art for everyone to learn – a process made easier by his excellent step-by-step lighting 101 and 102 free courses.


Fstoppers is one of the most comprehensive photography blogs on the internet, featuring thousands of articles and tutorials, along with a huge community of fellow photographers who are all willing to help.  

You’ll find useful tutorials on every aspect of photography, from landscape and nature to portraits, architectural and fashion, alongside everything you’ll ever need to know about post-processing.

Frank Doorhof

If fashion photography is your love, then Frank Doorhof’s encyclopaedic knowledge and skill at teaching technically challenging styles with ease is for you.  

His blog isn’t really for beginners, but if you know the basics, his tutorials will expand your technical skills quickly and give you much more confidence when photographing models. Frank’s warm nature and ease when posing models will open your eyes and show you how to take control of a shoot – find out more here.  

Digital Photography Review

If you’re a gearhead and want the lowdown on the best new equipment on the market, DPReviewoffers the most comprehensive reviews of all things photography on the net.  

You can compare the output from cameras side by side, see countless test shots, read on hand reviews, and ask questions on the forums, where lots of other gearheads will discuss low light capabilities and dynamic range until the photographers come home!

Talk Photography

Strictly speaking, Talk Photography isn’t a blog – but as the most popular, friendly and knowledgeable photography forum online, we felt that it was worth a mention.  

Unlike many forums, there are always hundreds of people active here and ready to help with any question or query you might have. With sub-forums for every genre of photography, including a vibrant film and conventional section, you’ll soon find your people and develop some great friendships. They often have forum meets where you can shake hands with all those people you’ve connected with too.  

Learning about photography is such an open-ended journey, and we hope that these great photography blogs will be resources you return to time and time again.

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11 February, 2021


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