By Mike | 30th October 2009

Tiny dog creates art canvases that sell for hundreds of dollars

A tiny three-year-old Pekingese dog, that lives with its owner, Elizabeth Monacelli in southern California, has become the talk of the town due to the miniature dog’s talent for art!

We all know that Californians love their toy dogs but it still comes as a surprise that they are willing to pay up to $250 for one of his scribblings.

The dog, known as Ziggy (which his owner signs on the bottom of every masterpiece), paints the pictures by grasping with his teeth at the end of a paper towel roll, which has a paint brush attached at the other end. His owner then props up a canvas and lets Ziggly go to work.

Monacelli says he only manages an average of three brush strokes before he gives up and falls asleep. 'He'll go for a while then just roll himself into a little ball and start snoring. Or he wanders off looking for snacks,” says Monacelli.

She claims the dog has an “extremely artistic temperament” compared to her other dogs and that she plays him Chinese music to get him in the mood for painting.

Monacelli has auctioned off some of Ziggy’s painting and has donated the money to an organisation that rescues neglected and abused animals.

Many pet-owners in the UK are having canvas prints made from their pet photos. If you have a great picture of your dog, cat, horse or even snake(!!), why not have it enlarged and printed onto canvas to adorn your wall in style.

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