By Laura | 05th September 2018

Tips for one lens photography projects

Coming up with interesting ways to expand your skills and test yourself as a photographer can be a challenge, but one lens photography projects are a great vehicle for doing exactly that! 

There’s no need for fancy equipment and you can set your own parameters, so all you need is a camera, lens and a bit of imagination. Shall we take a look at the possibilities?

One lens projects are fun!

One lens photography projects should be approached in exactly the same way as any project – with the main objective being to be to have as much fun as possible. Many newbie photographers find that their initial enthusiasm begins to drift away as they lose direction, but a project can redirect you and give you focus.  

Working with a single lens makes the project easy to do whatever your skill level and doesn't require a huge investment in gear, but where do you start? The following ideas are perfect for photographers of all levels:  

  • 100 strangers – It doesn’t have to be 100 and they don’t necessarily have to be strangers, but taking a small camera with a fixed focal length equivalent to 50mm out for a walk around town will offer you the chance to interact with people and ask them to pose for you. This simple project will improve your people skills and show you how well you can shoot under pressure.

  • Shoot from the hip – The perfect street photography project doesn't even require you to look through the viewfinder! Shooting from the hip promotes spontaneity and freedom, and it's surprisingly easy to do.  Choose a focal length of around 35mm, set your aperture to f/8 - f/16 and go out looking for stories. Work fast and loose and you might be surprised at how good you can get at shooting without ever raising your camera above hip height!

  • Landscapes – We tend to think of landscape photography as a sub-genre that requires a wide or ultra wide lens, but you can challenge yourself to think differently by using a telephoto instead. Consider a series of projects working at, say, 20mm, 35mm, 50mm and all the way up to 200mm. This encourages seeing the world around you differently. 

These are just a few of the options available to you, and we encourage you to try one or two before spreading your wings and experimenting on your own. One lens photography projects might become your new favourite thing, and you never know, you might end up with some great canvas prints for your wall!



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