By Mike | 24th October 2013

Unusual ideas for canvas prints

You would imagine that canvas prints are fairly obvious in their use and to a large degree you’d be correct in that assumption. However, we’ve always got our ears to the ground in case we can identify some more unique and innovative ways of using your canvas prints – so here are some unusual ideas just for you!

Jewellery storage – we love this idea for its sheer practicality! If you want your necklaces or bracelets to be stored neatly and tidily, you can choose the deeper frame option of 2 inches and combine you wall art with a funky little jewellery keeper. Carefully screw some hooks into the underside of the top inner frame, about half an inch apart, and use the hooks to hang your jewellery from. Then you just need to remove your picture from the wall, turn it around and hey presto! Your beautiful accessories are organised and displayed for easy selection.

Safe cover – If you have a safe built into your house or business premises, you need something to cover it up so that its location isn’t obvious to intruders. Measure the size of the safe front, choose an appropriate picture (not one that depicts great wealth!) and order your canvas print to fit over the safe, being careful to choose a size that goes beyond the safe’s borders.

Showroom display prints – if you’ve got a showroom or store, you want to show off your goods to prospective customers. Canvas prints are a great format for product images, as they are hardwearing and cheap compared to other types of printing. Or you can get some canvas prints just to brighten the walls and create a more welcoming environment.

Themed prints – Not keen on the usual family portraits or holiday snaps? Your canvas prints don’t need to have these kinds of images; instead, you can choose stock photography from the internet and print pictures to suit a theme. For example, if you want a picture for above the dining room table in your kitchen, a bright print of a bowl of vegetables or fruit would be perfect. Just think about the space you want to fill, the main use of the room and find something that fits the theme.

Cheap, secret hiding place – if you haven’t got a safe, and let’s face it, not many of us do, you can still use your canvas print as a cheap and cheerful hiding place for important documents like passports. All you need to do is run a strong, thick piece of elastic across the back of the frame, a few inches from the bottom – you can fasten using staples or heavy duty glue. You can then pop your documents behind the elastic, hang your print back on the wall and nobody will have a clue there’s anything there. You can always use a few pieces of elastic space an inch or so apart for extra security – remember to keep the elastic taught when you fix it into place.

If you have any other great and unusual ideas for alternative ways to use canvas prints, please let us know!

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