By Laura | 04th April 2019

Unusual places for hanging canvas prints

When it comes to hanging canvas prints, you may think that the wall of your chosen room is the only option, but we’re here to tell you that they’re much more versatile than that!

All it takes is a little bit of imagination and creativity and your canvas prints can turn heads in more ways than one...

The ceiling is a great place for canvas prints

It may sound a little wacky to consider hanging canvas prints from the ceiling, but it can work brilliantly if you choose the correct size and style. This unusual spot isn’t one for a landscape or portrait, and it would look a bit odd if you hung a small canvas up there, but if you’re bold you can make a fantastic statement that will get your guests talking… and considering doing the same.

Ideally, you need a ceiling that doesn’t have a centrepiece light, so if you have up-lighters or wall lights this is one for you. We think that this works best with four large canvases that cover about 70% of the space and have a relatively simple design. For example, create a simple abstract design in Photoshop with a centre circle in one colour and a complimentary colour filling the rest of the image, then split this into four and have a quarter of the image printed on each canvases. If you’re feeling bold, you can play around with the colours on each canvas to make it more spectacular.

Alternatively, shoot some photos of tree canopies from the ground up, choose one you really like and have it printed onto a huge canvas – it’ll look like your ceiling reaches up to the tree line!

Doors, windows and more!

If you can hang canvas prints on the ceiling, you can hang them anywhere! Try using them to add interest to the back of your room doors or even in the middle of window frames – but only if your windows are large and your canvases aren’t too big or they’ll block out too much light. We also love to see them hung on full-length wardrobes and even bookcases (especially built-in ones that cover the whole wall) to add a touch of quirkiness to your living spaces.

You’ve probably got the impression that we think you can hang prints anywhere by now, right? Well, we do think that good canvas prints serve many purposes because they’re lightweight, hardwearing and great value, so use them to add style and to cover up unsightly or boring parts of your home – after all, hanging canvas prints should be fun!

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