By Laura | 08th August 2018

Using canvas prints as an interior design tool

Using canvas prints for interior design projects is a great way to maximise your space and add the finishing touches to a new room – or subtly alter the space if you feel like you haven’t quite nailed it yet. 

Canvasses are a brilliant low-cost addition to any project, so let’s dive in and show you how best to utilise them in order to bring a room to life.

Prepare your space for canvas prints

Canvas prints are incredibly versatile, but like any wall art they work best if the space has been set aside for them rather than just plonking them up as an afterthought.  

A freshly painted wall in relatively neutral colours provides a great background for your canvas prints, but don’t be afraid to experiment a little too. If you’re clever you can use abstract prints to accent a bold feature wall and create a real talking point – this definitely works best with a big canvas print, so don’t be afraid to go large!

Use photo prints to test drive the space 

We often recommend using canvas prints to create a photo wall feature - either with abstract art or your own images - but if you have a large wall, this can end up being a sizeable financial investment so you definitely want to get it right! The solution is to choose your images and either print them off on cheap copier paper or have them printed through an online lab so that you can be sure they’re the ones you wish to use. 

Cheap prints allow you to tack your images up to the wall and play around with them, so you can get a really strong visual representation of the photo wall design before you invest in your canvas prints, so it’s absolutely worth doing.

Family canvas prints are great, but…

It’s lovely to have some beautiful canvas prints of your family dotted around your home, but if you’re looking to create a classy and sophisticated living space they may not be the best choice, so leave them for private rooms like your bedroom.  

Instead, think about images that help to enhance the mood you’re looking to create in the room: dreamy landscapes and seascapes for a relaxing vibe, or more dramatic abstract pieces for a vibrant addition to a room used for entertaining.  

Using canvas prints to add a bit of sparkle to your interior design adventures is a cost-effective and fun way to put your own creative signature on a space, so don’t be shy, get in touch today and we’ll help you to find the perfect canvas solution!

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