By Laura | 01st October 2019

Using the colour yellow in interior design

Effective use of the colour yellow in interior design can elevate your space to the next level, but it’s definitely a colour you can overuse, so approach with a degree of caution.

Our top tips on how to add a splash of sunshine to your life will help to lift your mood without leaving you feeling like you live inside a piece of citrus fruit!.

How to choose your yellow tone

It’s important to choose colours that resonate with you, and that’s equally true when you’re deciding on the tonal value of our colour of choice. There’s a huge difference between a vivid lemon yellow and a muted blonde or even yellow-cream.

Finding the tones that work best is largely down to personal choice, where the colour is going to be used, and how much of it you plan on splashing around! The general rule is that if it’s a bold tone, use it sparingly.

Where to use yellow in your interiors

Once you have a better understanding of tonal value, you can start experimenting with yellow in your living spaces.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Yellow is a great colour to use in shady areas because it lifts the shadows and brightens up the space without being as cold as white. Your hallway is a great example of a room that might benefit, but please avoid painting an entire wall with bright yellow or your visitors will need sunglasses!
  • You can use yellow in interior design to lift the mood in a room that’s primarily painted in dark or neutral colours. It works fantastically with various shades of grey – maybe as statement furniture pieces or soft furnishings like cushions and curtains?
  • We love to see a splash of yellow in a kitchen – in fact, this is the only house where you can get away with using it more liberally, so don’t be afraid to be a bit bolder!
  • Adding some yellow to the classic minimalism of an almost completely white room serves to give the space character and a hint of fun. You can do this with a big yellow canvas print or even by loosely painting some yellow blocks by hand.

As you can see, yellow is a great addition to your living spaces and can be used in a variety of interesting ways. There’s no need to worry about incorporating bold colours into your plans, so don’t be afraid to dive in and use yellow in interior design today!

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