Using Your Own Canvas Prints For Interior Design

11 February, 2021

Using Your Own Canvas Prints For Interior Design

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Using Your Own Canvas Prints For Interior Design

Whether you’re completely reworking your space or just adding some extras for a quick refresh, one of our favourite ways to transform a room is by utilising canvas prints for interior design projects. This week we’re going to show you how this simple addition can make or break a living space, and give you some great ideas on how to get it right first time.

Canvas prints as a finishing touch

We’re sure you’ve experienced that sensation of a room feeling somehow incomplete. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but the living space could use a little something: maybe an accent colour, a statement piece, or even just a few personal touches to stamp some personality on it. There are plenty of ways to do this – soft furnishing or ornaments work well – but our personal favourite is cleverly selected and positioned canvas prints.

The key is to think about what you want to express with your prints: do you want a bold abstract piece to draw attention? Are you going to use some soft and light natural scenes to lift a dark space? Perhaps you feel that the room is too clinical and some portraits of the family will add a little warmth?

A quality set of canvas prints will do all of these things, and the beauty of them is that if they don’t work for the space or you change your decor in the future, you can hang them elsewhere… or even give them as gifts!

Think about the colour scheme in your room before deciding which images to use. It’s great to add some clashing colours if it’s a fun space, but take advantage of one of the many colour wheel tools online so you know what you’re doing. Clashing accidentally is a recipe for disaster if what you really need is an accent or complementary colour! 

Home decor updated with the use of canvas prints and framed photos

Building your interior design around canvas prints

The bolder approach to using canvas prints for interior design is to find a theme that you love and create the room around it. Perhaps you’re a photographer who takes beautiful minimalist landscapes or seascapes – it makes perfect sense to decorate your space minimally so that these canvases can be given centre stage.

Maybe you’re a graphic designer who’s produced a series of stunning abstract art and plan to hang a large triptych on your wall as a statement. Being brave with your colour scheme and furniture will only add to the powerful statement these pieces present, so go for it!

Making good use of your own canvas prints for interior design projects is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your own work and be creative with your living space.

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11 February, 2021


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