By Mike | 01st August 2013

Capturing your image for canvas - which camera should you choose?

If you’ve set your heart on capturing some beautiful photos to print on canvas, then you may be wondering what’s the best equipment to use for your snapshots. Of course there are all sorts of factors to consider, budget being the main purchasing factor for most - but if you're undecided as to the best camera to use for your canvas images, here is a quick rundown on the different types available and their benefits and limitations.

The smartphone camera

The many people's purposes, the camera that comes inbuilt with their phone will be sufficient to take some casual snaps which can then be uploaded onto the computer and sent for printing on canvas. Professional photographers will probably sneer at this idea, but if you don't want to invest in a separate piece of equipment, it makes sense to utilise the functions already available on a device which you already own.

As smartphone technology has improved over the years, their cameras have become much more refined, with some offering focus and exposure settings and much higher resolutions to provide sharper and more professional images. You also have the added advantage of using phone software to edit your images; Instagram or similar mobile apps will allow you to add filters and crop images to have them canvas ready.

Compact cameras

The traditional ‘point and click’ camera is a great entry-level product for amateur photographers who want a low cost and easy to use option. Small enough to fit in a bag or pocket, lightweight and basic, this type of camera has plenty going for it if you don't have the time or the will to learn more about the finer points of photography. Just pick it up, take your photo and the camera does everything else for you.

Compact system cameras

A fairly new addition to the camera market, compact system cameras are a nice midpoint between a point and click and a DSLR. A compact system camera will give you more flexibility than the budget option, while still allowing you to have minimal input into setting up your shots and getting all of your settings right. The difference between this and a regular compact camera is that you can build on your basic equipment by purchasing different types of lenses and other optional accessories if you want to play at pro for a while.


If you're keen to sharpen your photographic skills and get a really high quality image for your canvas prints, then a DSLR is the best possible option - but be prepared to pay a much higher price. The beauty of these types of camera is that you can use them in a very basic mode, in a similar way to a compact camera, but as you learn more you can take advantage of the many different functions available.

If you want to invest in photography as a hobby, then as you learn to use the camera you'll be able to take control of brightness, saturation, focus, movement capture and all kinds of different new ‘toys’ to play with. You can buy a wide variety of lenses and accessories and really explore the many different capabilities that these higher-end cameras offer.

Ultimately, because the printing quality of our canvas photo service is so high, you’ll get a great end product no matter what camera you use – but if you love taking pictures, you may find it worthwhile to invest in a better camera to give you an incentive to get out there and get snap happy!

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