By Mike | 11th November 2015

Why choose canvas over traditional printing?

Why choose canvas over traditional printing?


Any visitor to our website will quickly see that at Your Image 2 Canvas, we’re absolutely passionate about offering you the best quality canvas prints in the country. Whilst we do love a photo printed large on photographic paper, we genuinely believe that the advantages of printing to canvas make it the best medium in almost all circumstances. Let us tell you why...




When you’re looking to fill a large open space on your wall or create a statement piece, a canvas has a massive weight advantage over a large framed photograph. This makes it much easier to hang safely on all surfaces, as well as making it much more likely that it will survive any accidental fall from the wall.


Glare free


Because canvas is inherently glare-resistant it can be hung on walls that receive direct light from the sun without dazzling you and detracting from your enjoyment of the image.




There’s something to be said for a well-framed photograph, but with a beautifully printed canvas you always feel that you can engage more readily with the image because there’s nothing between you and the print. The box frame the canvas is stretched on further enhances this feeling by making the image stand out from the wall. 




There’s a reason those old art masterpieces are still around today – canvas is incredibly hard-wearing and long-lasting. A quality product, such as those we produce, will probably outlast you, but that’s not all. Unlike a framed photograph, you can safely hang your canvas in a humid environment, like a bathroom, with no fear that it’ll degrade.


Print it big!


Because of the textured nature of canvas you can get away with printing your images much larger than you could with photographic paper. Within reason, there’s no limit. Want an 80” panoramic? No problem!


That painterly look


The biggest appeal of canvas to most people is the look itself. The way that the image sits on top of the canvas brings the photo to life in a way that a print cannot, giving a beautiful and vibrant three-dimensional effect.


Be creative


You can be much more creative with how you hang your images with canvas printing. Instead of going for a single print on one large piece, why not try splitting your image into three or four smaller canvases instead? It will look fantastic and become a real conversation piece. 

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