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Festival photography destinations

05 August, 2022

Festival photography destinations

Festival photography destinations

It’s summer, we have a mixture of blazing sunshine and pouring rain... and that means it’s prime time for some fantastic festival photography opportunities!

There’s such a variety of festivals to whet your appetite, complete with camping, music and much, much more – so we’re going to share some of our firm favourites for finding the best subjects for interesting and unique photos.


Download rock festival takes place on a motorsport circuit – this makes the festival experience totally different to most others, as it takes place predominantly on tarmac. This aesthetic looks great with the stark fashion of the rock, metal and punk fans that come to enjoy the party.

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This world music festival boasts a huge variety of performers from across the globe, in a gorgeous natural setting. You’ll be able to find people in traditional costumes, playing instruments from different cultures, and if you’re prepared you can find dance or music workshops where you’ll be able to capture close-ups of people connecting through creativity.


Glastonbury, the most famous festival in the world, has over a hundred stages and is a photographer’s dream; you could mooch around all day and never run out of things to photograph – walkabout performers, naked bike riders, a flea circus, drum circles or the Dalai Lama, it’s all there!

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Green Gathering

The Green Gathering is an alternative folk festival set in Wales; you’ll be sure to create some beautiful photos of artisan craftspeople at work and the alternative hippie lifestyle.


Boomtown Fair is described as a living theatre, complete with different areas, fully-built sets and groups of performers roaming the site and interacting with ticket holders. Festival photography here would be a dream, so book your ticket and grab your camera!

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Creamfields is for those of you who are into driving, dynamic dance music and a desire to capture images to match. Get your rave gear out of hibernation and come and join in the fun for some great night time shots.

Rototum Sunplash

This Reggae festival in Spain combines good food, connection, activism, art, reggae and the beach! Grab some gorgeous sunny snaps of this colourful celebration of life and (one) love.

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Burning Man

Set in the Nevada desert, this one’s not for the faint-hearted! Make sure your camera kit is protected from the sandstorms and the blistering heat when you visit this other-wordly art installation, located in a desert far, far away. The photos you can get here will be astounding, make no mistake.

Festival photography is such an adventure but does require a little planning – so do your research and book your ticket well ahead for next year.

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05 August, 2022


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