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Living Room Design Ideas On A Budget

11 February, 2021

Living Room Design Ideas On A Budget

As the most used space in your home, it's important that your living room design is on point, but how do you achieve that if your budget is tight? Fortunately, there are plenty of tricks we’re happy to share with you, including how to use canvas prints to bring a tired space to life.

Living room overhaul or total redesign?

A complete redesign of your living room is an exciting idea, but it's difficult to keep the cost down and do the job effectively – not to mention deal the disruption! What we prefer is a relatively neutral blank canvas that you can tweak effectively with the minimum of fuss and expense. How does that sound?

Our top budget design tips

These simple living room design ideas will dramatically refresh your space without you needing to lift a single paintbrush:

Rearrange the furniture - It's amazing how quickly you can change a room by moving furniture around. Consider removing certain items and going for a more minimalistic look to give the impression that the room is bigger.

Use canvas prints - If your wall colours are quite neutral, you can use colourful canvas prints to quickly add interest and change the mood. Consider bold abstract triptychs or a series of warm and welcoming sunsets – the choice is yours!

Change your curtains and soft furnishings - This trick can transform a room, and gives you the opportunity to create complementary or accenting schemes with the canvas prints you've chosen for your walls.

Consider rugs - Rugs are a great way to breathe life into a tired carpet or varnished floor. Make sure that you use grips if you have a slippery floor because they can be a slip hazard.
Simple decorating projects

If you want to take it a step further, a splash of paint here and there will make a big difference, but you don't need to go crazy:  

Consider using your new colour scheme to repaint a feature wall or fireplace wall.
Is all your woodwork white? Why not try a slightly bolder option as an accent to your new design colour?

Look up. What do you see? If it's the same white ceiling that everyone else has, you could add a gentle splash of colour – but only do this if your walls are a very light or the room will feel too claustrophobic.  

As you can see, living room design doesn't have to be expensive or particularly time consuming, if you think outside the box a little - try some of these ideas and you'll soon feel like you're living in a new home!

11 February, 2021


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