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Our Top Five Unusual Valentine's Gifts

11 February, 2021

Our Top Five Unusual Valentine's Gifts

Chocolates and flowers may be traditional, but for a little bit more ‘wow’ factor, our list of unusual Valentine’s gifts is a great place to start.

Whether it’s a gift for your long-term partner, a new love or someone you’re trying to woo, we have something spectacular that’s bound to give them a Valentine’s Day to remember!

Make Valentine’s Day special

We love the opportunity to celebrate and think that Valentine’s Day is a great occasion worthy of splashing out a little, so let’s take a look at our favourite unusual Valentine’s gifts:

A mystery day – if your partner is the kind of person who loves surprises, there’s nothing better than planning out an entire day to woo them. Imagine how special they’ll feel if you tell them to book the day off for a surprise! This is such a wonderful gift because it can include simple things like a stroll in the park, a nice lunch, their favourite movie, an activity like ice skating, and finished off with a meal and hotel.

Experience day – this is a chance to give that special someone the kind of gift they’ll never buy for themselves. It’s an opportunity to show that you know them really well and listen to the things that excite them. It could be something exhilarating like skydiving or bungee jumping, or a little more relaxing, like a crafting day or afternoon tea at the races – whatever they’d love the most!

Personalised canvas print – think of this as the opportunity to send the classiest Valentine’s Day card they’ll ever receive! Use editing software to add your own message to a canvas that could be quirky, funny, silly or simply heart-warming – whatever you choose will be a lasting expression of your love and affection.

A book or magazine subscription – this is a thoughtful gift for the introvert who loves to read. It could be for their favourite magazine, perhaps a hobby that they’ve always wanted to try, or for a book service that sends them regular books to read.

Singing telegram – send a singing Valentine’s telegram to your crush – it’ll either embarrass them and they’ll never speak to you again, or they’ll love it! The risk is yours, but you can be sure that they won’t forget it!

We hope that you love our favourite unusual Valentine’s gifts, and they help you to step out of your comfort zone and do something different this February 14th.

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11 February, 2021


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