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Our Top Photowalk Ideas

11 February, 2021

Our Top Photowalk Ideas

The best way to take better pictures is to point your camera at more interesting things, and that’s why we’ve come up with some of our favourite photowalk ideas.

A photowalk can be done in an organised group, alone or as a part of a family outing – they’re all great fun, and the perfect opportunity to practice your photography skills in a supportive environment.

Preparing for a photowalk

Having great photowalk ideas is one thing, but if you’re carrying a huge camera bag with all of your gear, you’re soon going to lose interest. With this in mind, we find that a single lens or, at most, a small bag with a wide angle and a 50mm prime is perfect for the majority of photowalks.

Okay, if you’re going birding with a group you’re going to need a hefty telephoto, but for anything else keep it light!

Where to walk?

Within reason, you can do a photowalk anywhere that you’re allowed to carry a camera, but some venues suit this activity better than others.

Here are some of our favourites:

On the street – street photography is great fun, and there are so many interesting things to point a camera at, but you might want to do this in a small group because it can be a little nerve-wracking!

Stately homes – these magnificent estates are perfect for a photowalk because they have a little bit of everything. You can enjoy the gardens, the people, and the house itself (both inside and out).

Waterside – whether it’s the local canal, river or lake, there’s loads to shoot by the waterside… and they’re all perfect venues to take the family along for a day out.

Park – get the kids away from their tablets and Playstations and down to the park for a few hours... you never know, you might spark an interest in photography in them too!

These are just a few ideas to get you started, but the only limit is your imagination.

Organising a photowalk

Finding willing adventurers for your photowalk is easier than you might think! Online photography forums, Facebook groups and local camera clubs all arrange get-togethers on a regular basis, so there’s no excuse not to give it a go.

Inspiration for new images to turn into printed canvas wall art is much easier to come across when you’re having fun with like-minded friends, so we hope that you embrace these photowalk ideas and try this fun activity.

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11 February, 2021


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