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Photographing A Spring Wedding

11 February, 2021

Photographing A Spring Wedding

Winter is usually a quiet time for a wedding photographer, but that soon changes once the weather turns and the excitement of the spring wedding season makes you itch to get your cameras out.  

But what separates a spring wedding from the other seasons? How can you make the most of the spring to create magical moments? Let’s find out!

Springing into the wedding season

As with any wedding, it’s essential that you scout the venue, but for a spring wedding where the natural environment is changing so rapidly, it makes sense to do this as close to the date as you can. Don’t rush this, though! If at all possible, spend time at the venue throughout the day so that you can determine where the low spring sun will be for the wedding ceremony, group shots and couple portraits.  

Look for areas of the venue with spring flowers like daffodils, snowdrops and bluebells – if the sun comes through the trees to backlight the happy couple, then use that too!

Be prepared!

One thing you can count on is that the good old British weather will be unreliable. A spring wedding is almost definitely going to involve some rain at some point, so embrace it rather than fighting it! Be prepared by taking rain covers for your gear, investing in professional waterproof cameras and lenses and taking a pair of good wellies along.  

Your clients should also be made aware that while rain may be likely, it can result in some great shots. A colourful pair of wellingtons for the bride to wear under her dress, and a selection of umbrellas can be used as props for some memorable wedding images.  

Scout areas where you can shoot the group shots outside the venue, but also be prepared to move them indoors if necessary – you may be able to shoot some quirky photos of the bride and groom out in the rain, but nobody wants to see a group shot of the guests hiding under dozens of umbrellas!  

Photographing a spring wedding presents the photographer with some interesting challenges, but it’s a rewarding and fun time of the year to get married and get some great images. So whether you’re attending as an official photographer or just as a guest keen to snap some great shots, we hope this will help you to capture memories that they’ll want to print on canvas and hang on their walls.

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11 February, 2021


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