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Photography Tips For Dull And Cloudy Days

10 February, 2021

Photography tips for dull and cloudy days

If you're after a captivating and compelling image to hang on your wall, don't feel all hope is lost just because winter is approaching. The following photography tips will help you to understand how to capture fantastic photos even when the dark clouds are rolling in.

Where there's water there's a way - dull days bring lower light levels, which can be ideal if you want to take photos of waterfalls or other liquid landscapes. As the water cascades over the rocks, you’ll be able to capture clear crisp pictures of the movement without the sunshine bleaching out the details. This works well for rocky rivers with rumbling waters, though you may find you lose some of the features if the water is running very fast and churning into white water as it moves.

Zoom in - if the sky is a bit peaky and you're worried that it’s not going to give you the effect you want, then simply zoom into a smaller subject and pretend it's not there! By focusing on close-ups you take away the need for the better light conditions that are essential to bring out the textures in larger landscapes. Use the macro setting and a tripod for the best results.

Shoot through the clouds - blue skies can be bright but boring, whereas clouds will add depth and interest to your photo. Stormy skies and cloudy evenings are perfect for stunning sunsets, where you can capture the light filtering through any small breaks in the gloom and highlight different tones where the cloud cover varies in intensity.

Shutter speeds - a good photo requires a good depth of field, so set your shutter speed to a lower setting to counteract the poorer light conditions. Make sure you take a tripod with you to keep the shot steady.

Colour - this may seem counter-intuitive when we’re talking about dull conditions, but by focusing on subjects with vivid and bold colour combinations, you can still take a powerful image with plenty of character without worrying about the weather.

Remember that while bright light can be beautiful, it can also cause huge problems for photographers because of the heavy shadows strong sunshine can create and the fact that it can remove the intensity of the colours you’re trying to capture. Don't see dull days as your enemy, but simply an opportunity to experiment with different settings and approaches which will not just bring you incredible images for printing onto canvas, but also help you to hone your skills.

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10 February, 2021


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