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Make Valentine's Day Special With A Canvas

11 February, 2021

Make Valentine's Day Special With A Canvas

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic time of year, and presents you with the perfect opportunity to show your partner how much you love them, but how do you break free of the clichés of chocolates and flowers? One way is to give them a bespoke canvas print – something they can hang on the wall and always be reminded of your love.

Create a canvas card

Nothing says “I love you!” like a really, really big card, but most of the cool Valentine’s cards are normal size, whereas many of the oversized cards are a bit tacky or can’t support their own weight and fall over when displayed. However, you can overcome this and create a bespoke canvas “card” if you have decent Photoshop skills. Here’s how:

Buy a great Valentine’s Day card that says exactly what you want to say
Scan the card and save the file as the highest quality jpeg your scanner will allow
Create a document in Photoshop with the same dimensions as your desired canvas
Open up the jpeg and drag it onto the document in Photoshop
You may need to resize a little or clean up the scanned image with the eraser brush
Make any adjustments to the colours and tones to personalise the canvas
Add your loved one’s name and a personalised message in your chosen font – try to match it to the card design
When you’re happy with your canvas save it to the desired size and send to us for printing!
This method is a perfect way to use someone else’s design expertise but on a much better quality medium. As long as the images you choose are for personal use there’s no copyright issue.

Mixed media canvas

Another great alternative is to combine a print with some additional crafting. You could send us an image – either of you and your partner, or something that they love – but surrounded by lots of white space so you can be creative once we’ve printed the initial image to canvas. You could try:

Adding some beautiful words or design with stencils
Adding a splash of colour by block printing with potatoes
Creating a dreamy effect with a watercolour or acrylic wash
Filling the blank space with kisses using lipstick: try different shades and pressures for an interesting look
Both of these fantastic ideas will show your partner (or someone you have your eye on!) that you’re a thoughtful, creative and downright awesome person. How could they do anything but love you?! Oh, and with our next day delivery, your Valentine’s canvas print can be ordered at the last minute if you’re running late on love this year!

11 February, 2021


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