Build a birthday hamper for your best friend

13 May, 2022

Build a birthday hamper for your best friend

Build a birthday hamper for your best friend

It can be hard to think of new present ideas every year, so we’ve put together some cracking ideas to help you build a bespoke birthday hamper for your best friend. You can work to any budget, so you can go super-indulgent, or keep it cool and quirky – whatever suits.

A birthday hamper is a great gift idea that demonstrates time, thought and effort, so let’s get strated...  

Choose your packaging

First off, you want to pick something beautiful to put all your goodies in – and to finish it off once filled.

Here are some ideas we like:

●    The traditional basket option: choose one without a handle that can be used for storage afterwards, or one with handles that can be used as a picnic basket!
●    For a foodie friend, choose a large decorative bowl that can be used as a dining centerpiece, serving bowl or fruit bowl.  
●    If you’re crafty, you can create a beautiful display using a cardboard box – just decorate it with paint, fabric, patterned paper, crepe paper, a collage of photos of you together or whatever you fancy!
●    A pretty handbag, wash bag, vanity case or satchel can also make for a gorgeous alternative to a hamper
●    For a more masculine or practical take, buy a storage tub with lid of whatever size you need to hold your gifts.
●    Don’t forget some tissue paper, plastic wrap, ribbons or any other finishing flourishes to help pack and wrap your birthday hamper.

Choose a theme

To make a personalised birthday hamper that your best friend will love, you’ve got to get the planning right and choose the perfect theme.
Here are some ideas:

Special food and drink items

This is great if your bestie is a foodie, with so much to choose from to pop into this hamper:

●    Sweet treats for the friend with a love for sugary snacks
●    Spicy snacks if they like a bit of heat
●    Wine or premium spirits for the drink connoisseur
●    Snacks from around the world for those who love cultural exploration
●    Cheese and crackers for savoury snackers

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The pamper package

This hamper is great if your best mate likes to take care of themselves, or if they really need some R&R.

Here are some ideas to help pick out the perfect items for your birthday pamper hamper:

●    Find out what scents they like or dislike before splashing your cash – if you don’t already know, check out the items in their bathroom first
●    Vouchers to a spa always go down a treat – you can opt for a cheap facial or a full body massage, depending on your spending limit
●    For an at-home spa experience, nice slippers, a face mask, essential oils, a deep-conditioning hair treatment and a bath bomb work a treat
●    An air diffuser and oils, scented candles and incense are a lovely way to create an ambience of wellbeing.

Sentimental hamper

If your best friend is the sentimental type, they’ll adore a hamper filled with personal and soppy gifts picked out especially for them – it’s like the best friend’s version of romance!

Here are some things you might want to include:

●    A framed star map showing the constellations in the sky at the time the two of you met
●    A bottle of their favourite fragrance
●    A voucher to their favourite restaurant
●    A collage of photos of all their favourite friends, family and pets
●    A locket with a photo of someone they loved and have lost

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Little extras

The idea of a birthday hamper is to build a package of several items so it feels like an event to open it. You can either keep costs low and create a ‘bits and pieces’ style hamper, or focus on one ‘main’ gift, then add some little bits to flesh it out.

You can add their favourite chocolate bar, a mini bottle of prosecco/wine/beer, some miniature toiletries, a cool gadget, small puzzle, little book of wisdom/jokes... whatever suits your best friend’s personality and interests. Now all you’ve got left to do is make it look pretty – so grab the bits you bought for decoration and packaging, and put it all together.  

Your best friend will love the thought and effort you’ve put into their birthday hamper, so make sure you have your camera ready to capture their reaction.

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13 May, 2022

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