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Cool triptych ideas for your next personal photography project

25 February, 2022

Cool triptych ideas for your next personal photography project

Cool triptych ideas for your next personal photography project

Our tantalising triptych ideas will whet your appetite for your next photography project – but first, if you’re not familiar with the word ‘triptych’, here’s a quick explanation…

A triptych is an artwork which is made up of three pieces – for example, three equal-sized canvas prints. They’ve been around since the Middle Ages when they were used as altarpieces in churches to visually tell bible stories. The trick is to use the three individual pieces to make one coherent piece of art.

Family photography in threes

Snaps of the family would make a great triptych; make sure you keep the theme of the photos the same for continuity, here’s some ideas:

●    Take one snap with all family members in it and split it afterwards using editing software
●    Three separate photos in the same location make for great continuity
●    Match your poses or outfits
●    Use posing to give the illusion the three subjects are interacting with each other across the frame
●    In a studio, keep the background and lighting the same for each subject

This works well with mum and dad in the centre image with kids either side, or even a photo for each of three generations. Who you use and how you organise each triptych image is entirely up to you.

Three family photos of mother, father and daughter displayed in beautiful custom white picture frames

Buildings are a blessing

If you appreciate architecture, we recommend finding beautiful buildings to take snaps of, with a mind to splitting that photo into three prints or canvases. We adore visiting churches, as the nature of the building design lends itself really well to triptychs; stained glass windows are divine, as are the building’s many architectural lines. You can even do a set of images with an interior, exterior and garden shot.

It’s a dog’s life

Make your house a home by displaying a triptych of your pets! Make sure the photos fit together stylistically for a cohesive feel, or if you only have one or two pets, simply incorporate them into the family triptych idea at the start of this article.

If these triptych ideas have inspired you for your next project, remember that we offer great prices and exceptional quality with our personalised canvas printing service.

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Food photography

One of the best - albeit most obvious - triptych ideas for the kitchen is food photography… sure to whet the appetite and feed the senses. Try a trio of snaps of colourful, crisp apples, separate bowls of berries and cherries, your favourite dishes displayed restaurant-style… whatever complements your culinary creativity. Alternatively you could take shots of a variety of bright fruits and vegetables to match the colour scheme in your kitchen, or make some pasta doodles with dried noodles?!

Tree of a kind

If you’re the kind of person who loves nature and wants to bring the outside world into your home, consider taking a trip out to track down some trees for your triptych. Here are a few ideas:

●    Get shots of three different trees in the same field, at the same angle, with the same light
●    Take a shot of the same tree at the same time, but from different angles so the background varies
●    Choose one tree you love, and get a shot of it at different times of the day (or year, if you’re a more patient photographer)

Three beautiful black picture framed prints in a huge range of sizes to display your amazing photogrpahy

Triptych ideas for businesses

If your triptych is going to live in the lobby or reception area of a business, we have an idea: why not take a panoramic shot of the offices or the production room and use that as your triptych? That way, you create an immediate impression to visitors of what you do in action. Of course if you’re a manufacturer, you can always display images of your top products, or even show off some of your friendly staff.

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25 February, 2022

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