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10 types of wall art styles to consider for your interiors

21 April, 2022

10 types of wall art styles to consider for your interiors

10 types of wall art styles to consider for your interiors

There are lots of different types of wall art you can utilise to jazz up your interiors, so don’t think you’re limited to a simple framed print (unless that’s your preferred style!).

Here’s our quick guide to the 10 awesome types of wall are for you to consider for your next interior facelift…

1. Canvas art print

You can’t go wrong with a canvas art print – choose your style, size and frame and you’re ready to go. We’re experts in the world of high quality canvas wall art, so please reach out to us if you need any advice.

Design and create your own personalised quality canvas print easily online with our super quick canvas builder tool to create your perfect gift and wall art prints

2. Framed photography print

We love black and white framed photography prints of friends and family. If you need to hire a professional photographer to get some good snaps, splash out! Or if you’re a bit of an amateur ‘togger, set up a space and have some fun capturing some display-worthy portraits.

Two large quality white framed photo prints displayed above bed for perfect personalised home decor ideas

3. Mirror

Mirrors brighten up a room, make the space look bigger and if you choose well, can be a welcome addition to the other wall art in your space. Keep the frame in line with the current décor style in the room for a design that dazzles.

4. Box frame canvas star map

A star map print displays the constellations at the time and place of a certain event – it’s a beautiful personalised piece that the sentimental amongst us will really appreciate, and you can personalise it to include a floating frame.

Customise your own personalised Star Map and display it beautifully in one of our Canvas box frames to add the finishing touch so that you can always remember that special moment, occasion or memory.

5. Sculpture

Sculpture’s not just for museums, you know. There’s a plethora of wall art sculptures designed for hanging, available in a variety of materials, colours, styles and textures. We recommend have a look around online to get a feel for your taste. These are also great types of wall art for outdoor use too if the material allows.

6. Framed poster

Got a favourite movie that never fails to cheer you up? Get a hold of the movie poster and pop it in a frame to upgrade from a teenage bedroom vibe to a stylish grown up feel with a hit of nostalgia.

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7. Tapestry

Beautiful fabric designs displayed on your wall are a stunning edition to any home, and will add a cosy touch while also offering a slight touch of sound-muffling if you’re household is a busy and noisy one.

8. Triptych photography

We love a photography triptych, especially when it’s displaying nature scenes or family photos. It’s a great way to fill a larger wall, and you can display them in line or staggered depending on the theme/subject.

Create your own beautiful Triptych photography photo prints that will make the perfect home decor to liven up your walls with free next day delivery UK

9. Macramé

Macramé uses knots to create a variety of intricate and delightful textiles, and we love it! It adds a nice retro-vibe to those who want more ‘crafty’ types of wall art on display.

10. Metal signs

You can get a huge variety of metal signs to decorate your walls with – our favourites are vintage signs which have been restored. Think old adverts or destination signage.

We’ve only scratched the surface here when it comes to types of wall art to choose from, but we hope we’ve got you started with some fabulous ideas for your decorating journey!

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21 April, 2022

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