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Choosing the right art work themes for your interiors

13 April, 2022

Choosing the right art work themes for your interiors

Choosing the right art work themes for your interiors

If you’re planning a little interior re-fresh, we’ve put together this handy guide to some of the most popular art work themes to choose from. These will help provide some inspiration for choosing the best wall art to create the atmosphere you’re looking for.


Wildlife art works include both plant life and animal life; this theme is so broad and can be used in thousands of different ways. We love wildlife photography for injecting some energy into a space, while natural images of plants, trees and flowers offer a more calming and reflective feel.

Beautiful wildlife photography displayed in a hand finshed black photo frame to make the perfect home decor.

Graphic art/design

Modern graphic art generally focus on two-dimensional pieces which concentrate on lines and tones. These snappy pieces suit a variety of interiors and can evoke powerful emotions, inspire conversation and create an eye-catching centrepiece.


It’s very current to display art works with inspirational quotes or memorable occasions written on them in a variety of gorgeous fonts. These pieces are sure to motivate, engage and inspire.

Personalised blue star map print to display special memories and mark a magical occassion to make the most beautiful wall art piece


Abstract art can convey a wide variety of emotions, depending on the piece. You’ll be sure to find something which can suit your interior style and individual taste. Favourite locations for abstract art work tend to be living rooms, bedrooms and hallways.

Three colourfulhand made abstract canvas prints displayed in quality white, black and dark wood box frames for a touch of luxury.


Landscape paintings or photography often conjure up images of calming dining rooms and bedrooms, or a relaxing living room. However, while this may be true, there are a variety of bright, energising landscape art works that can suit more eclectic or upbeat spaces.

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Fashion photography is modern, glamorous and exciting. This art work theme is perfectly suited to the bedrooms of creative personalities with an eye for beautiful clothing, with plenty of opportunity for injecting some bold colour into the space.

Photographic portraiture

Portrait photography is one of those timeless art work themes that will forever be in fashion; our absolute favourite is black and white photographs in a classy frame. You can choose professionally produced portraiture or keep it personal by printing your own family portraits to display.

Beautiful black and white photo prints displayed in hand finished black picture frames that are made to measure with free next day delivery UK

Religious and spiritual iconography

For those who follow a religious or spiritual path, a beautiful homage to your belief system in a lounge, meditation room or other room can make a glorious addition to your home. These types of art works also work well in hallways and on landing areas.

Still life

Still life paintings and photographs of food deserve to be in the kitchen and dining space; they whet the appetite and inject colour and culinary inspiration. 

Unique personalised feature wall using our hand finished gallery wall frame sets of beautiful food photography that makes the perfect decor for in your kitchen.

Movie/pop culture art

Pop culture fans can geek out over their favourite movie poster or star celebrity by displaying a fun piece of their hero’s art work.

There you have it, a rundown of art work themes that will suit any home; be sure to drop us a line for any questions you’ve got about how to print and present your next art piece!

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13 April, 2022

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