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Framed coastal wall art from your own photos

31 October, 2022

Framed coastal wall art from your own photos

Framed coastal wall art from your own photos

There’s nothing more perfect as home décor than photographs you’ve taken yourself – let’s look at how to make framed coastal wall art from your very own snaps.

Memories of places you’ve seen on your travels will provide you with that nostalgic feeling whenever you see them in your home – and of course they’d make great personalised gifts too…

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What makes a great coastline photo?

Here are a few tips which make taking a great photo a (sea) breeze.

●    Include subjects in your foreground to create interesting shots
●    Experiment with a slow shutter speed to show movement in the water
●    Take photographs of cliffs from higher ground
●    Make sure to use a tripod to keep the camera level and steady
●    Set your camera to shoot in RAW, which allows you more scope to edit in post-production
●    Shoot during golden hours for gorgeous shots
●    Study up on the rule of thirds before you compose your shot

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Making your image print-ready

After your shoot you should have plenty of images to choose from. Here are the steps you need to take to prepare your coastal wall art photos before sending them off to print.

Choose your snaps

Spend some time choosing your favourite photos – between five or ten at first. Look at these in great detail and then choose your top three for editing.

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The edit

Open and edit each photo one at a time until you are happy with your finished snaps; you’ll want to play with these easy-to-use tools to get the effect you want:

●    White balance
●    Cropping
●    Adjust saturation and contrast to your taste
●    Play with the hue for creative effects

There are heaps more settings to play with, so get stuck in!

The production

Now you’ve got three snaps edited, saved as JPEG or PNG files and all ready to send off. Choose your favourite one and decide how you want to present it:

●    Framed coastal wall art - a classic choice; you can choose a frame to match current decor
●    A canvas piece – a good choice for homes with a modern aesthetic
●    A box framed canvas – for an exciting and unique display choice
●    Posters - great for large spaces

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Once you’ve made your creative choices, pop a copy over to us and we’ll start crafting your gorgeous coastal wall art piece and get it over to you in no time.

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31 October, 2022

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