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Planning a photography holiday – our tips

05 April, 2022

Planning a photography holiday – our tips

Planning a photography holiday – our tips

In our last post we provided you with a selection of the best photography holiday destinations to inspire your next adventure.

So if you’ve picked a destination and you’re ready to (or already) booked, here are our tips for planning your photography holiday to make sure you get the best results.

Who’s going?

First off, you’ll need to choose who’s coming along for the ride:

•    Make it a solo trip for complete freedom
•    Travel with other photographers for tips and camaraderie on shoots
•    Travel with your family for a holiday that combines photography and leisure time with loved ones

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Show me the money

Now it’s time to get out your piggy bank and see how much you want to spend on your trip; on a shoestring, modest budget or trip-of-a-lifetime budget – you can get a great holiday out of any budget, but planning what works for you is key.

Home or away

You get to choose whether to stay in good old Blighty, or whether you’d prefer getting your passport out and travelling further afield to see (and snap) new and foreign lands.

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What’s your focus?

Now we get to the fun bit; what type of photos do you want to take on your holiday? Here are some ideas to get you started:

•    Architectural
•    Street / portraiture
•    Wildlife
•    Underwater
•    The natural world

Decide on the details

At this stage you have some key choices which will help you create the photography holiday of your dreams:

•    Length of the trip
•    Single destination with day trips, or travelling each day to new locations?
•    Hotel, campsite, campervan or apartment?

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Pack it up, pack it in

It’s time to plan what you’re going to take with you.

We can’t tell you exactly what to take because it depends on your usual set-up and what kind of images you’re going to be taking, but we do have a few pointers which you’ll thank us for later:

•    Protect your gear from the elements if you’re going to be outside or in extreme temperatures
•    Bring more batteries than you think you’ll need
•    Spare memory cards are your saviour
•    Make sure you bring a way to backup your prized photos
•    Check with your airline to confirm what kit you can bring as hand-luggage
•    Pack your gear safely and securely to prevent damage

We hope you have a fantastic time planning your photography holiday - and remember, we’re here to bring your favourite destination photos to life on your return with our high quality canvas printing services.

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05 April, 2022

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