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10 common landscape photography mistakes and how to avoid them

30 June, 2022

 10 common landscape photography mistakes and how to avoid them

10 common landscape photography mistakes and how to avoid them

It’s really common to make landscape photography mistakes, especially when you’re just starting out. We’re here to help you learn from the mistakes we’ve made, so you can ensure that your landscape photography journey gets off to a great start.

Make sure you’ve got your camera ready, your batteries charged and memory cards to spare!

1.    Missing the best light

The best light to capture a great landscape photograph is during one of the two golden hours; these occur one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset. The times vary throughout the year, so make sure you check it current times when you’re planning your shoot.

beautiful golden hour photograph displayed in a classic black custom photo frame

2.    A wonky shot

Of all the landscape photography mistakes, this one is glaringly obvious if you make it and is super easy to avoid. A straight horizon makes for a pleasing photograph; you can achieve it using the grid overlay on your DSLR or the bubble (spirit level) on your tripod or camera to guide you. If you do make this mistake, don’t fret, you can sort it in post production.

3.    No focal point

A focal point gives the eye something to rest upon; without it we may find ourselves searching around the image, unsatisfied. Your focal point can tell a story, or simply be aesthetically pleasing to you.

Beautiful custom quality canvas print of landscape sunset photography with focal point dispayed on bedside table

4.    Rushing a shoot

Often, photographers new to landscape photography see a pretty landscape and want to simply snap it and move on. If you want to get the best shot, you need to slow down, take your time and plan each element before going for it.

5.    Only focusing on the big picture

Make sure that you keep an eye out for beautiful details within the landscape, you don’t want to miss anything.

Beautiful spring landscape photography of beautiful sunrise scenery and flowers displayed inside one of our custom black canvas floater frames

6.    Using your camera hand-held

If you want to get the best landscape shot, you absolutely must use a tripod. Yes, it takes a little longer to set up, but the benefits are huge (you’ll thank us later).

7.    Limiting yourself to landscape only

Yes, traditionally landscape photography is shot in the landscape orientation, but there are some cracking photographs of landscapes shot in portrait, so remember to try it out!

Stunning blue hour summer photography displayed in a beautiful hand made custom white frame finished with acrylic glass

8.    Don’t be a busy bee

Good landscape photography should feel spacious and airy – if it’s too cluttered and busy, the viewer won’t know where to look, a bit like in a cluttered house. Be selective with a few great elements and you’ll avoid this common blunder.

9.    Capturing unintended visitors

Before you take the shot, make sure there’s no unwanted people or vehicles which have snuck into the frame.

spcaious and airy landscape photography canvas print with same day dispatch when you order before 2pm Monday - Friday and free next working day delivery to UK mainland

10.    Blurry foregrounds

Check that you have enough depth of field, so you don’t end up with blurry snaps.

Now you know how to avoid these landscape photography mistakes, you can get out there and take some spectacular landscape photographs for fun or for display.

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30 June, 2022

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