Tips For A Perfect Canvas Print!

When having one of your photos to canvas it is important to remember a few important rules to ensure a great print result. Yourimage2canvas will always check your images before they are sent to print to ensure the quality is going to be good enough. ..

The Easy Alternative – Colourful Canvas Prints

They say a change is as good as a rest, but when it comes to house interiors, making a change can be expensive and time consuming. When you've been faced with the same four walls for several years, it's only natural that you might want to consider re..

The Benefits Of Choosing Canvas Prints

Canvas has been used for artistic purposes for centuries; its strong, hard wearing, natural qualities have also made it a common material for many other uses too. Originally made from hemp, modern canvas is generally created from linen or cotton and ..

The Art Of Canvas Printing

From a production point of view, there’s a real art in getting your canvas prints just right, ensuring high quality images and a product that we’re proud to sell and that you’re proud to display. However, there’s another side to the art of canvas pri..

The Appeal Of Canvas Paintings

Paintings of both people and sceneries have always fascinated people. Before the camera was invented, the images of dear ones were captured with the paintbrush, and canvas was the material of choice...

The 21st Century Photo Album

Gone are the days when "photo album" conjured up images of heavy leather volumes with 6" x 4" prints glued onto the pages. Nowadays, photo albums are digital: stored online and shared with friends and family via Flikr, Facebook and the like...

Surprise Somebody With Canvas

There are few better gifts for a loved one on a birthday or anniversary than a personal and thoughtful canvas print. Such is the technology available now; it is possible to produce a canvas print of exceptional clarity which will be the perfect gift...

Sunday 14th March, Does This Mean Anything To You?

A time to let your mother know just how much she means to you how much you appreciate everything she has done for you in your life, show your appreciation with her favourite family photo transformed into a beautiful canvas print...

Summer Sun, Canvas Fun

As the UK finds itself in the clutches of a rare heat wave, it's the perfect time to head out with your camera and take some summery pictures for printing on canvas. A bright, seasonal image will lift your mood when winter comes around again - so bri..

Students Launch Canvas Printing Service With Football Team

A group of sixth form students from Hartlepool have started a new business selling canvas prints of action shots of Hartlepool United players, in conjunction with the team itself...

Stretching Your Canvas Prints

Stretching and framing canvas prints is very delicate process and you have to have an eye for perfection. We use some very simple tools to stretch your canvas buts its more to do with the staff that create your canvas to how well it comes out...

Split Panel Canvas

Personalised canvas prints are a fab way of adding a unique piece of artwork to your home. We print photographs onto pure cotton canvas using the latest printing technology and high quality Epsom inks guaranteed not to fade for 75 years! All of our c..

Some Great Ideas For Creative Canvas Prints

While standard family photos or location shots are popular choices for canvas prints, sometimes you might want something a little more fun or creative. Canvas prints are incredibly versatile, with the option to transfer any image at all onto this cos..

Smart Phone Cameras To Canvas Prints

Back in the day when camera phones first emerged the quality was only good enough to view on your phone. Having one of the photos printed would result in a poor quality and pixelated print result. Not anymore...

Send Your Student Kids Off To UNI With A Canvas Print

Thousands of parents will be waving goodbye to their off spring in the coming few weeks, as the university year starts, and many will want to send them off with a gift...

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