Choose, Crop And Finish Your Photo

As the price of high-quality canvas printing drops, we're finding that more and more people are choosing this medium over traditional prints to display their favourite photos on their walls...

Changing Images

We all fancy a change of image sometimes, and while this may mean a new haircut or a wardrobe overhaul for some, you can keep it simple by just having a quick change of some of the focal points in your home – after all, who wants to look at the same ..

Capturing Photos For Canvas When The Sun Is Shining

Now that spring is firmly underway, we're seeing plenty of clear skies and increasing sunny spells across the UK at the moment...

Capture The Essence Of Autumn With Seasonal Canvas Prints

Gale force winds and driving rain isn't the weather but most people would associate with a good trek outdoors, but if you're serious about capturing some great autumnal images for your canvas prints, then now is the time to do it! Stick on your water..

Canvas Printing In 2014

In this, our first post of 2014, we must start by wishing all of our customers past, present and future, a very happy New Year and all the best for a fantastic 12 months ahead...

Canvas Printing Ideas For 2015

Now the holidays are over and everyone’s back at work, our thoughts are turning to the coming year and what we can do to enrich your lives when it comes to all things canvas!..

Canvas Photo Printing - Things To Consider

No matter what your reason for considering canvas photo printing, here are a few thoughts and ideas to help you decide if this is the best medium for you...

Canvas Fun For The Easter Holidays

Easter is just around the corner and the kids are due to break up for 2 weeks of fun – but how do you keep the youngsters amused? Days out are a great idea, but we all know that the British weather isn’t always reliable! Having a reserve plan for a r..

Canvas Collages – The Uniquely Personal Christmas Gift

We’ve mentioned the idea of creating a collage for a canvas print in a previous post, but with Christmas just around the corner, we think it’s worth exploring this idea in more detail...

Cameras For Canvas – Part 2

Last week we looked at the benefits of using compact cameras for capturing images for printing onto canvas, and discussed the advances in this market from some of the big players in the photographic sector - but what if you want to expand your shoot..

Cameras For Canvas

There's a big buzz in photography right now and it's, well, small! For a very long time the only serious choice for anyone looking to get into photography at a hobbyist or professional level was to invest in a DSLR system...

Autumn Inspiration For Your Canvas

We hate to remind you, but yes, summer is pretty much done and dusted for another year - so we thought we'd cheer you up with some ideas for your canvas prints now that we're heading into autumn...

Animal Magic - Printing Pictures Of Your Pets Onto Canvas

While wedding photos, pictures of children and family portraits are generally the more popular choice of images for printing onto canvas, for some people, their babies are more of the furry kind -and our pets can make the perfect subject for cute can..

An Alternative Take On The Printed Canvas Collage

Collages are a very popular format for canvas prints – but many people find the prospect of designing one a little daunting. Collating the images you want to use is one thing, but then navigating software in order to arrange those images is quite ano..

Abstract Art On Canvas

When it comes to interior design, there are countless ways to create an individual feel for your home. You can be expressive with your furniture, go crazy with your soft furnishings, paint or wallpaper your walls in bold and colourful designs, or tak..

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