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Custom retro canvas print ideas

26 July, 2022

Custom retro canvas print ideas

Custom retro canvas print ideas

If you fancy something a little different, take a look at these awesome ideas for retro canvas prints – they’re a little like traditional canvas prints, but with a cool vintage vibe.

Retro canvases are a great way to remember a special moment between friends or family and you can customise yours to make it super personal! Here are some ideas for photos that will complement this unique style of canvas.


We love a kid’s birthday shot of them blowing out the candles on the cake; set in a sepia colour-way for a timeless memory, you’ll be proud to display this in your home or it will make a great gift for grandparents!

Keep the memories and print special moments from friends and familys birthdays captured on camera by printing them onto quality photo prints made in yorkshire

On the carousel

These canvases evoke feelings of nostalgia, and what’s more nostalgic than the funfair! Get someone to take a shot of you and your significant other riding the horses and laughing as the wind sweeps through your hair – like stepping back into the 50s!

Baby pictures

A black and white baby picture printed on a vintage style canvas makes a gorgeous photograph; you can even add a little message below the image in a range of fonts if you want to mark their birth date and weight.

Print your treasures baby photos onto personalised canvas prints with free next day delivery

Sports day

Got a budding athlete in the family? Get a shot of them in full kit, preferably covered in mud; it’ll make a great canvas print in colour, sepia or black and white.


Make it a night to remember by taking some classy snapshots of your kids by the front door on prom night – they’ll look super on a polaroid canvas print.

Display your stunning Prom photos beautifully inside a personalised collage print so that you can always remember that special day and imclude from 2 photos up to 24 with lots of layout designs to choose from

Dancing the night away

Look for some local dance classes or performances – especially if they’re more classical styles that will lend themselves well to a retro canvas print. Images of dancing couples evoke a real sense of romance.


There’s nothing more adorable than a snap of your kids taken at one of their personal milestones. Think first day of school, first school play, first judo lesson – whatever the specific theme, focus on those all-important ‘firsts’ for the most magical memories.

Capture those special moments on camera and print those specialphotos onto canvas to display in your home and create your own custom home decor or give as personalised gifts for your loved ones


Nothing suits these retro canvas prints better than a wedding shot – a snap of the bride and groom at the start of their matrimonial bliss will look gorgeous on a stylish square canvas.

Display your beautfiul wedding photos by transfroming them into stunning wall prints to create beautiful custom home decor so that the memories from your special day are always with you

Night on the town

Got any fun snaps of great nights out with friends? You can add a funny caption underneath the image and send a canvas to those included as a Christmas gift and a reminder of the good times.


Action shots look great in a Polaroid print, so try and capture an exciting image on a rollercoaster for some drama-filled wall art!

Create beautiful wall art prints by displaying your favourite photos onto canvas, poster or frame them with free next day delivery uk

Retro canvas prints hold a special place in our heart, so if you want the perfect Polaroid canvas print, you know who to trust.

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26 July, 2022

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