How To Photograph Churches And Cathedrals – Part 2

In a recent blog we gave you the basics on etiquette, gear and technique for shooting the exteriors of churches and cathedrals. In the second part of our tutorial, we’re going to talk about the much trickier interiors, where the light is poor and it’..

How To Photograph Churches And Cathedrals

A photographer is always looking for inspiration and new things to photograph – especially places that are easy to get to where you’re not being obtrusive. Churches fit the bill perfectly because the architecture is beautiful, they’re generally quite..

How To Photograph Christmas Day

Christmas is such a magical family occasion that it’s worth going the extra mile to ensure that the photos you take are equally memorable. From the moment your kids wake you up (at 5 am!) until you fall into bed full of mince pies and Christmas puddi..

How To Photograph A Cricket Match – Part 2

Cricket is the perfect summer spectator sport for the photographer. The whites that the players wear contrast flawlessly against the green grass, there are periods of high drama followed by lulls so you can catch your breath, it’s nearly always playe..

How To Photograph A Cricket Match

The decent weather is finally here and if there’s one thing synonymous with an English summer, it’s cricket. Assuming the rain stays at bay, a day spent on the village green with your camera in hand is a wonderful way to get some great photos and a n..

How To Make Money From Photography

If you’ve been considering how to make money from photography, you’re in the right place! You’ve been practicing hard, learning new techniques, receiving loads of praise for your work, and now you’re ready to start earning money doing something you l..

How To Display Canvas Prints For The Best Effects

Putting up your beautiful new artwork would seem to be easy, but it’s amazing how many people don’t know how to display canvas prints effectively...

How To Decorate Your Bedroom For A Good Nights Sleep

Decent sleep is one of the cornerstones of a healthy and happy life, but did you know that your decorating choices in your bedroom can have an effect on your quality of your shut-eye?..

How To Create Timeless Low Contrast Photos

If you’re a fan of photography – especially ‘people’ photography – you’ll probably have noticed a growing trend for professionals to process their images with a washed out, low contrast look. Popular with portrait and wedding photographers, this styl..

How To Choose Your First Camera – Our Tips

Photography is a great hobby to explore, but it can be a little daunting if you have no idea how to choose your first camera...

How To Calibrate Your Screen For Photography – And Why It's Essential

Spending a fortune on a new monitor for your editing will go a long way to improving your photography – but only if you know how to calibrate your screen! A properly set-up monitor can be the difference between being delighted or disappointed with th..

How A Splash Of Colour On Canvas Can Transform Your Kitchen

In many houses the kitchen can be a little bit dreary and unloved because we tend to see it as a functional room rather than an opportunity to be creative with our interior design. This week we’re going to show you how you can spruce up your kitchen ..

Have Fun With Light Painting – Part 2

In our last blog post we introduced you to a technique called light painting – literally painting with light – and showed you how it’s done. This week we’re going to share some creative ways that you can use this method to produce fantastic photos fo..

Have Fun With Light Painting – Part 1

Here at Your Image 2 Canvas, we’ve dedicated many of our blogs to sharing fun and creative ways for you to improve your photography while learning new skills. A great example of this is light painting, which uses a combination of a continuous light s..

Harnessing Emotions In Photography Projects

The best images invoke an emotional response from the viewer, but how do you deliberately shoot to harness emotions in photography? What tools does the photographer have available that allows you to convey a particular emotion?..

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