Inspired By: Annie Leibovitz

When we start to think about modern day iconic portrait photographers, it’s not long before Annie Leibovitz comes to mind. Famous for her intimate style that captures the heart of her subject, Annie has spent nearly five decades building up an incred..

Inspired By: Anne Geddes

Anne Geddes is the David Bailey of baby photography and has inspired a whole generation of photographers to take photos of children in cute costumes, baskets and fluffy hats!..

Inspired By: Annabelle Selldorf

Not everyone is looking for wow factor in their interior design, which is why German-born architect Annabelle Selldorf has such a huge following...

Inspired By: Andreas Gursky

Of all the modern masters of photography, Andreas Gursky may be the one who divides opinion amongst his fellow photographers the most. When his 1999 abstract landscape photograph, Rhein II, sold for $4.3 million at Christie’s in New York back in 2011..

Inspirational Canvas Prints For Your Home Gym

Working out alone can be hard, which is why we recommend using canvas prints for your home gym as a source of inspiration. There are loads of ways you can use wall art to keep you motivated, but these are our favourites…..

Inspiration For Your Canvas Prints For Restaurants

There are many ways to spruce up your eatery, but one of the simplest and most effective is to add some artwork to the walls, which is why we thought we’d recommend some great ideas for choosing canvas prints for restaurants...

Infrared Photography – The Lowdown

If you’re finding yourself uninspired by your picture-taking and fancy switching things up a bit, it might be time to dip your toes into the weird and wonderful world of infrared photography!..

Ideas For Your Valentine's Day Canvas Prints

If you’re looking for a novel way to show that special someone how much you care this February, it’s time to consider a Valentine’s Day canvas! Flowers and chocolates are a time-honoured Valentine’s gift, but if you go the extra mile and create somet..

Ideas For Inspirational Christmas Interiors

If you’re bored with your old decorations, our top tips on how to create inspirational Christmas interiors will help you to mix it up this year. Throw away that box of tatty tinsel and those tired baubles and let us show you how to decorate your home..

How To Use The Exposure Triangle

As your interest in photography develops you’ll probably want to take more control of your camera, which is why it’s essential that you learn how to use the exposure triangle. This week we’re going to demystify this slightly daunting term and show yo..

How To Use Instagram – Our Tips

Social media has given us a great opportunity to share our photos with the world, and this week we’re going to show you how to use Instagram – the best photography app for both pros and enthusiasts alike...

How To Use A 5-In-1 Reflector

It’s amazing how many photographers own a 5-in-1 reflector and rarely use it. We’re not surprised because the first time you try to put one back in its bag you’ll feel like you’re wrestling a snake!..

How To Photograph Graffiti

Looking for new subject matter to photograph is a constant challenge for photographers, but with a little imagination, you may find that there’s an art form on your doorstep that’s vibrant, often topical, and makes for some incredible images...

How To Photograph Fireworks

Photographing fireworks can seem a little daunting, but they really are a great subject that every photographer should try to capture at least once. Get it right and you’ll have a set of spectacular images that will look great printed on large canva..

How To Photograph Eyes – A Quick Guide

Learning how to photograph eyes like a pro will open up your macro photography and improve your portraits at the same time...

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