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The Best Camera Review Websites

Looking for a new digital camera can be a daunting task, but, as always, the internet comes to the rescue with tonnes of awesome camera review websites to help you choose. But, as is often the case, figuring out which reviews to trust can be as chall..

The Best Camera For Travel Photography In 2020

Exploring the world is exciting, but choosing the best camera for travel photography will make those memories last forever. The ideal travelling camera is light, compact, strong, powerful, and offers fantastic image quality – qualities that every cam..

Taking Great Window Light Portraits

Taking great photos of the people in your life is a skill that every photographer needs to master to consider themselves an all-rounder. Does this mean you need to learn how to use studio lights with great big softboxes or flashguns with umbrellas? O..

Summer Themed Canvas Ideas

Please don’t shout too loud in case we scare it off again, but it does look like summer has finally arrived! Everyone’s favourite season is also a great opportunity to get your camera out and have some fun – especially on your holidays...

Starting A Personal Photography Project

We may be a little biased, but we honestly believe that photography is a hobby for everyone. You only have to look at the popularity of smartphones, selfies and apps like Instagram to see that most people have an interest in photography at some level..

Spring Inspired Canvas Print Tips

Spring is definitely our favourite season for photography, and this week we’re going to show you why with some great canvas print tips to inspire you to get out, have some fun with your camera and then use the images for display...

Spectacular Spinning Wire Wool Photography

Every genre of photography has the capacity to produce spectacular moments where you capture images that can take your breath away, but there’s nothing quite as exhilarating as wire wool photography...

Sky Inspired Canvas Ideas

When it comes to choosing an image to print on to canvas, most people stick to the tried and tested formats: their family and children, landscapes, pets, etc – but this week we’re going to make a suggestion that you might not have considered, that lo..

Six Tips To Improve Your Landscape Photography

If your horizons are wonky and your skies are washed out, our top tips on how to improve your landscape photography are exactly what you need...

Photography Project Ideas – Using Red

One of our favourite photography project ideas is to choose a colour and run with it. You can let your imagination off the leash and shoot almost anything – as long as the chosen colour is featured!..

Photography Holidays In The UK

Photography holidays are a great opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, learn some new camera skills and take some amazing images to hang on your wall...

Photographing Birds In Your Garden

To the beginner, the huge lenses and fancy DSLRs employed by enthusiastic nature photographers can put you off the idea of photographing birds, but it’s perfectly possible to have a go in your garden without a huge financial investment...

Photographing A Spring Wedding

Winter is usually a quiet time for a wedding photographer, but that soon changes once the weather turns and the excitement of the spring wedding season makes you itch to get your cameras out...

Photo Editing For Free With These Great Software Programmes

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional photographer or a newbie taking snaps with a compact, every image can be improved with a little thoughtful editing...

Personalised Gifts For Valentine's Day

When it comes to choosing special gifts for Valentine’s Day, we often recommend a bespoke canvas print, but this year you could branch out a little…..

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