Choosing A Camera Bag

Whether you carry a DSLR and multitude of lenses or a simple compact camera, the right bag for the job is essential. It’s probably the least glamorous purchase you’re likely to make, but get it right and it takes all the stress out of photography on ..

Choosing A Tripod

In many of our blog tutorials we recommend using a tripod to get the best results, but it occurred to us that with so many on the market choosing the right one for the job is a challenge...

Choosing The Colours Of Your Canvas

Whether applied to the world of marketing, design or health, it's a long-held belief that colour has a profound psychological effect on our subconscious - so when you're choosing an image to print onto canvas, it may be worth thinking about the predo..

Choosing The Image

Customers often ask us how they should choose between the images they have to turn to canvas prints. People have said they find it hard to choose from many pictures available to find the exact one they want...

Choosing The Right Canvas Prints For Your Cafe

Decorating or changing the theme of your cafe is a big task that can change the entire atmosphere, which is why choosing the right canvas prints is essential...

Christmas Competition: The 12 Days Of Canvas

A MASSIVE thank you to all our customers we’ll be running a special Christmas competition across our social media pages...

Christmas Gift Ideas For The Experienced Photographer

Buying for an experienced photographer may seem like a tricky prospect, but with a little thought, it should be possible to come up with some great Christmas gift ideas that they’ll love – hopefully they’ll repay the compliment by presenting you with..

Christmas Gifts For Photographers Just Starting Out

You would think that finding Christmas gifts for photographers who are beginning their journey with their camera would be relatively easy – but what if you’re not a photographer yourself? This week we’re going to give the non-photographer some great ..

Christmas Interior Design Tips

Yes, a real Christmas tree can look and smell wonderful, but dealing with all of those shedding needles is a bit of a pain, and a plastic tree just looks a bit tacky, right? Fortunately, there are some great alternatives that cost very little and loo..

Colour Canvas Prints Or Mono? How To Decide…

Do you decide beforehand to shoot your photos for mono or colour canvas prints, or is that a decision you make in post-production?..

Colour Psychology For Interior Design

A good interior designer will have many tools in their toolbox to create the magical space you’re dreaming of, and one of those is a good understanding of colour psychology...

Colourful Artwork And Prints On Display In Newcastle

The Northern Footprints exhibition opens tomorrow in the Ouseburn Valley, an area within Newcastle-upon-Tyne, showcasing prints from studio users and many critically-acclaimed printmakers...

Combine A Canvas Image With Poetry

One of the advantages of our canvas printing service is that you can let your imagination run wild and create truly inspired gifts for your loved one – and nothing says “I love you” more than a perfectly pitched poem!..

Copyright-Free Photos For Canvas Prints

In last week’s blog we took a look at how people source their images for canvas prints; while many of you will be happy taking your own photos, we also talked about sourcing images from the Internet – after all, you’ve got the world at your fingertip..

Craft Project: Adding Mosaics To Canvas Prints

If you’re looking for some unique ways to spice up your interior design art projects or family gifts, we think that adding mosaics to canvas prints is an awesome way to add some texture and interest to our favourite medium...

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