Editing Your Photos For Canvas Printing – It Doesn't Stop At Photoshop!

There once was a time where you took a photo and that was that – no editing software, no gimmicks, just a quick snapshot to capture an image for posterity. Then, as computers and technology became more sophisticated, we started to be introduced to di..

El Greco canvas found in Poland largely ignored

Over 40 years ago a woman in a rural Polish parish found a canvas painting hanging in a priest’s chamber, which she concluded was an El Greco masterpiece. However, it has been largely ignored by the art world over rumours that it may not be genuine...

Ensuring Quality For Your Canvas Photo Prints

We recently posted an article about the printers and inks that we use for our canvas photo printing services; while quality equipment and products are essential in order to give you the best end result, we also take care of other important elements o..

Ensuring You Get High Quality Canvas Prints By Investing In New Tech

As a manufacturer of high quality canvas prints, the team at Your Image 2 are always looking for new ways to improve the products we offer...

EPSON 11880 Printers Produce Quality Canvas Prints

We currently use Epson 11880, 9880, 9800 and 7800 large format printers for all our photo to canvas prints, each one perfectly profiled up to reproduce the finest detail and widest range of colour. We first started using Epson for our entire photo to..

Express Your Individuality With Canvas Printing

We all want the decoration of our homes to reflect our own particular sense of style and canvas printing is rapidly becoming the weapon of choice amongst homeowners looking to do this. Canvas printing is an excellent method for showcasing one’s indiv..

Fashion Canvas Prints

Well "London Fashion Week" has now finished for 2011 and what a week it was. Thousands of designers, models and photographers landed in the city for what was billed as one of the top fashion events in the world. Many large fashion houses chose to hav..

Father's Day Photo Canvas Gift Ideas

First choose the size of canvas print you want. There are a number of different size options including a custom size which means you can create a canvas any size you want. This option is ideal if you have a specific space in mind where you think your..

Finished Canvases

Here at Ultra Print we like to give you the full picture, we like to show you every part of our canvas printing techniques before you order, from start to finish every expect of our canvas prints is available in depth with pictures on our web site. F..

Finished Wildlife Canvases

Four stunning photo to canvas prints, simply stunning!..

First Steps Into Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is a fantastic genre for expressing creativity, but it’s not all glamorous models and cool locations! The demands on a fashion photographer are high and it’s loads of hard work, but the rewards are worth it if you’re looking for a..

Five Tips For Choosing A Wedding Photographer

It’s an oft repeated cliché that your wedding is the most important day of your life, but for many people, especially brides, this is true. Choosing a photographer to record your day is often given less importance than expenses like the cake, honeymo..

Five Tips For Great Funfair Photography

It doesn’t matter how old we are, the kid inside of us still feels a sense of excitement when visiting a funfair. The noise, the lights, the rides – the whole atmosphere is unlike anything else. A fairground may not seem like an obvious place to take..

Five Tips To Improve Your Post Processing Ready For Print

Following up from last week’s blog about getting your colours right for printing, here’s another article that will help you with the post production, or processing of your photos..

Flex Your Creative Muscles With Canvas Print Art

In previous blogs, we’ve looked at some different ways to inspire you if you want to create a canvas print that is unique and individual. We have broached the concept of using stock images from the Internet and also being a little more thoughtful whe..

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