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Five fab custom photo collage canvas ideas

Welcome to our guide to making a fabulous photo collage canvas; we’ve got five ideas for how to make a high quality, fun, personalised collage canvas which you’ll be proud to hang on any wall. Once you’ve got your theme figured out it will simply ..

10 common landscape photography mistakes and how to avoid them

It’s really common to make landscape photography mistakes, especially when you’re just starting out. We’re here to help you learn from the mistakes we’ve made, so you can ensure that your landscape photography journey gets off to a great start...

Taking your summer photography to the next level

The sun is out, your shorts are on and the weather has inspired you to make a start on your first summer photography shoot of the year. There’s something special about getting out with your camera when the sun is shining – despite some of the technic..

Ideas for choosing a thank you gift they’ll love

There’s tonnes of great thank you gift ideas you can give to express your gratitude to someone who’s helped you out, it’s all a matter of personality and taste. Here’s a quick list to help you pick out the perfect thank you gift to say cheers!..

Personalised word art prints to mark a special memory

Graphic design is all the rage these days, and personalised word art prints are now being used as cool gifts and personal decor, rather than being reserved purely for advertising purposes...

Build a birthday hamper for your best friend

It can be hard to think of new present ideas every year, so we’ve put together some cracking ideas to help you build a bespoke birthday hamper for your best friend. You can work to any budget, so you can go super-indulgent, or keep it cool and quirky..

Calming images for anxiety sufferers

Choosing calming images in your home can help to create a relaxing atmosphere for you and your visitors. Not only that, but if you suffer from anxiety, selecting calming image themes for your interiors can help to keep you grounded, and provide inspi..

Essentials you need in your starter photography kit

Our quick guide to building a starter photography kit shows you all the key essentials you need to get to grips with your new hobby...

10 types of wall art styles to consider for your interiors

There are lots of different types of wall art you can utilise to jazz up your interiors, so don’t think you’re limited to a simple framed print (unless that’s your preferred style!). Here’s our quick guide to the 10 awesome types of wall are for y..

Choosing the right art work themes for your interiors

If you’re planning a little interior re-fresh, we’ve put together this handy guide to some of the most popular art work themes to choose from. These will help provide some inspiration for choosing the best wall art to create the atmosphere you’re loo..

Planning a photography holiday – our tips

In our last post we provided you with a selection of the best photography holiday destinations to inspire your next adventure. So if you’ve picked a destination and you’re ready to (or already) booked, here are our tips for planning your photograp..

Our guide to the best photography holiday destinations

If you’re keen to combine travel with a love of capturing incredible images, here’s a quick rundown of some of the best photography holiday destinations to consider for your adventure...

Interior design spring cleaning tips

Put the mop down and spruce up your actual interiors as part of your spring cleaning agenda. Refreshing a tired atmosphere with a few simple interior design adjustments that help you enter the new season with a spring in your step!..

Quick tips for capturing the best spring photography

The sun is returning, the lambs are being born amid the fresh green grass and the daffodil shoots are emerging from the soil; spring has sprung and we’re here with some spring photography tips to help you get some glorious snaps!..

Cool triptych ideas for your next personal photography project

Our tantalising triptych ideas will whet your appetite for your next photography project – but first, if you’re not familiar with the word ‘triptych’, here’s a quick explanation…..

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